Goals for 2016

  • 180 snatch
  • 225 clean and jerk
  • 270 front squat
  • 300 back squat
  • 30 muscle ups for time in under 6:00
  • Continue to improve mental toughness during workouts
  • Participate in 1-2 Olympic Weightlifting meets
  • Continue to learn about programming and coaching so I can improve as a trainer
  • Spend more time studying Olympic lifting
  • Contribute at least 3 scores for my team during the Open
  • Have FUN during the Open
  • Have fun in general
  • Try not to stress out so much if my schedule has to change last minute. Just focus on putting in the work.
  • Continue to laugh all the time and never lose sight of why I do this
  • Listen to my body and take time to address any pain
  • More time spent on mobility, especially on rest days
  • Stop worrying about disappointing others. Don't stress out about what people think of me as an athlete and remember that in the end, I train for myself to become better and stronger.

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  1. Chelsea, Thanks buddy for giving me an idea to add my PR's and Goals in my blog as well!


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