Friday, May 13, 2016


30:00 assault bike @Z2- goal is 210 total calories (7/minute again)

A1. Bear crawl, 3x15' forward + 15' reverse, very slow & controlled keeping hips level; :30 rest
A2. Deadbug w/hands pressed into wall, 3x10 alternating breathing out hard each rep; :30 rest
B. Clean-grip deadlift, 6x3 @1RM clean, 11x1, begin a set every :60
C1. Standing 1-arm DB shoulder press, 3x5-6/side, 21x1, :30 between sides, :30 rest
C2. 1-arm DB row, 3x7-10/side, 20x0, note pause @top this week, :30 between sides, :30 rest
D1. Axle overhead walking lunge, 3x12-16m unbroken; :30 rest
D2. Front leaning rest on ground, 3x:60; :30 rest
For time and movement quality:
30 toes to bar
10 alternating turkish get ups, tough
30 toes to bar

211 calories

A1. complete
A2. complete
B. complete @225
C1. 25-30-35 (5 on L)
C2. 40-45-50
D1. complete w/90#
D2. complete (accidentally did this on the rings, oops)
10:48 w/45# KB

Definitely feeling better in training lately than I was a few weeks ago. 

I'm glad to be done with the seated DB press, I like the 1-arm press more. I was only able to get five reps on the left side with 35, that was a struggle. 

Overhead lunges didn't feel as good as last week, I was more unstable this time. I'm pretty sure we had to lunge with 105# for regionals last year which sounds insane to me. 

I accidentally did my front leaning rest on the rings, OOPS. I totally missed the part where I was supposed to do this on the ground since I had been doing them on the rings the past two weeks. My B. 

I thought the workout went pretty well. My toes to bar are definitely getting better, or at least it seems that way. I was able to do sets of 5 the whole way through until the last few reps of the second set, I had to break it up 3/2. I tried to stay as steady as I could on the turkish get ups, I was actually doing pretty well until the eighth rep, it took me forever to prop myself up off the ground. That was frustrating. Overall I was pleased with this. Breathing was totally fine. 

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