Thursday, August 20, 2015


7-8 sets:
:60 row
:60 freestanding handstand practice- goal is to stay w/in a 4-6' mat
:60 airdyne
:30/side plank
:60 single unders

A. Snatch balance, 2-2-2-2, 2:00 rest
B. Pendlay row, 10-10-10, 20x0, 2:00 rest
For time:
100' handstand walk
200m farmers walk, 53/hand
3 sets:
:15 prowler sprint w/straight arms, add a little weight
10:00 walk or bike cool down

7 sets complete

A. 95-105-110-115
B. 85-95-105
complete with 95# on prowler

Enjoyed the freestanding handstand practice this AM, these are definitely getting better. 

Snatch balances were much better than last week, after my AM session I spent a long time on hip mobility and it really helped in the PM session. My hips weren't nearly as tight as they were last week. 

Pendlay rows were good, 105 got tough during the last three reps. 

The handstand walk/farmers carry workout was pretty disappointing. My handstand walk felt terrible, I should have hopped on the ski erg to warm up my shoulders before I did this. Forearms felt really stiff. I broke twice on the way down and twice on the way back, not okay, that's pretty sad. It took me 1:29, which is way too long. I don't know why my handstand walk is really slow all of a sudden, it was on point during regionals practice. This was frustrating. I was able to do the first 75m of the farmers walk unbroken, then I had to put down the kettlebells. Grip and shoulders were getting really fatigued. I tried to go as long as I could without putting them down. Merrrr. I should have done much better on this. 

Prowler sprints were much worse than last week, my legs were dead. I'm not sure why my legs have been feeling so tired lately. This does not bode well for my competition this weekend, considering most of the workouts involve squatting. 

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