Friday, June 10, 2016


4-6 sets very easy:
:60 row
:60 front leaning rest on ground
:60 assault bike
:30/side plank
:60 ski erg band pull downs 
:60 single unders

4 sets complete 


30:00 assault bike @Z2, same time/pace as previous weeks

A1. Bear crawl, 3x15' forward + 15' reverse, very slow and controlled keeping hips level; :30 rest
A2. Deadbug w/hands pressed into wall, 3x10 alternating breathing out hard each rep; :30 rest
B. Axle overhead walking lunge, build to a 15m max
C. 1-arm DB row, 3x4-5/side, 20x0- note pause @top this week, :60 between sides
5-4-3-2-1 for time:
unbroken bar muscle ups
10:00 @80%
5 strict pull ups
10 assault bike calories
:30 front leaning rest on rings

210 cals

A1. complete
A2. complete
B. 110
C. 55-60-65

Good day!

My AM session was the best it has ever been, I felt great the whole time and the 30 minutes flew by. Breathing was excellent and my legs weren't really that tired. This has definitely improved since I first started doing it a few months ago. 

The axle overhead lunges went better than expected, no knee pain on these this week. Last week I was struggling with 90# but this week I was able to get up to 110# for 15 meters. It was definitely tough, I lost my balance on my very last step and sort of lost control of the axle bar, but I was pretty much over the line at that point, I already had one foot over. So it counts? Eh? Ehhhh? I hope so. 

I was happy with my time on the bar muscle ups although if I did this again I could probably shave off about ten seconds. Unbroken sets are kind of a mind fuck, I wanted to rest long enough to make sure I didn't fail any reps but now I know I could have pushed the rest a little bit more. My goal was to do this under two minutes so I'm pretty pleased with this, for now. 

No issues on the 80% piece. Overall a really solid day of training. 

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