Tuesday, December 1, 2015


30:00 airdyne @Z1, off every 5:00 for :20-:30 tripod headstand hold

A. Bear crawl, 5x10' forward + 10' backward, very slow and deliberate w/10 pound bumper plate on hips; :60 rest
B. Hang power clean, build to a heavy triple
C. Split jerk clusters, 5x1.1 starting moderate and adding if things are feeling solid, :10 between singles, 2:00 rest
3 rounds for time:
10 deadlifts, 195
15m prowler push, tough indoors
75 double unders
15m prowler push, tough indoors
3 rounds not for time:
6-8 moderate bent over DB reverse flies
7-10 moderate reverse hypers


A. complete
B. 200 (PR+5)
C. 115-115-125-135-145
180# on prowler
DNS, too fucked up from prowler workout

What a day. 

Very happy with the 3RM hang power clean PR, these were feeling great today (video). Once I got the first rep I knew I would be able to hit the other two. It wasn't the prettiest set but it also wasn't very difficult. I'm shocked at the difference from last week, today these were so easy and last week I could barely hit 200 for one rep. Lifting is weird. 

Split jerk clusters were okay, I stayed at 115 for two sets because the first set wasn't very crisp and I wanted to clean up my technique before I moved on. I probably should have ended a bit heavier on these. 

The prowler workout was just terrible. I don't think I've felt that bad after a workout since 15.5. Seriously. I can't really even describe how bad this workout was. I honestly didn't think it was going to be this horrible, I figured I would do all the double unders unbroken (CLASSIC) and knew I would probably have to break up the deadlifts at some point. Stephen told me to put 180# on the prowler so that's what I used. The first set of deadlifts were unbroken but after the first prowler push I knew I was in trouble. Double unders were 65/10 or something like that for the first set, then broken up a lot more on the second and third round. I think I maybe did 30/30/15 for both sets? Deadlifts were unbroken on the first set and then 5/5. The prowler push was awful. It was so heavy, it fatigued my legs instantly and I couldn't breathe. It also took me forever just to turn it around. Both Heather and my dad said they were tempted to turn it for me at one point because I was struggling so badly. I just remember standing around a lot during the workout. This workout made me sad and angry at life. So many emotions. I'm just rambling now. But this was seriously awful, and I don't even think my time was very good. 

I didn't do the not for time stuff, I was too messed up from the workout. It took me forever to recover from this and it completely wiped me out, I was exhausted while I was coaching classes. I know I have DNS on at least one part for the last three days but I promise I'm not trying to cut corners on my programming. Sometimes I just need to catch up on sleep. Or sit in a chair and try not to vomit. 


Long, unplugged hike

DNS, slept in. 

I went to the Relient K concert with Brandie and Austin the night before and didn't get to bed until 1:30, which is insane for me. I had to be up early to go to Pat's bday brunch so I took all the sleep I could get. 

The three best friends that anyone could have

Relient K!

Pat's birthday brunch at Taste of Belgium



5:00-8:00 pistol & handstand walk practice
A. Squat cleans, 8x1 moderate, begin a rep every :60
B. Front squat, 8-6-4, 40x1; 2:30 rest
C. Weighted supinated CTB pull up, 3x2-3, 31x0, 2:00 
5 sets:
3-5 weighted glute-ham raises, 20x1
:30 rest
3-5 kipping CTB pull ups
:30 rest
Not for time:
800m sled drag, moderate

DNS, completely forgot about this part. Eff.
A. 165-165-175-175-185-185-195-200
B. 165-175-185
C. 5-7.5-10
complete w/70# on sled

I completely forgot about the pistol/handstand walk practice this morning. It was really busy in the gym and I was too preoccupied with getting a women's bar and platform and I totally forgot this part. I actually remembered when I was warming up for my cleans and I decided I would just add it at the end after my sled drag but I totally forgot. Sorry Stevo. I need to chill about getting a platform and a women's bar. Sometimes it's just not going to happen. Also, at competitions we hardly ever use platforms and sometimes we don't even use women's bars. So I need to just take my time instead of trying to rush through my warm up to make sure I get the equipment I want. Shame shame shame on me. I will try to be better about this. 

Because of the rushed warm up, I paid the price on the squat cleans. These were really heavy, they didn't start feeling good until the 7th set. The last rep at 200 was actually the easiest rep. Another lesson learned to just SLOW DOWN when I get to the gym and take my time warming up instead of stressing out about the equipment. 

Front squats felt legit terrible today, these were so hard. The tempo is awful, I'm always lightheaded after each set. I'm trying not to let my back round on the last few reps but it's difficult to hold good form once I start getting really fatigued. 

Weighted supinated CTB pull ups were weird, was this the first time I had ever done supinated CTB? I can't remember the last time I did this and it was very awkward and painful on my wrists. I guess I just need to get used to being in this position, I always did my weighted pull ups pronated. 

Kipping CTB pull ups felt GREAT! No pain in my shoulder, huzzah! I also did a few sets of butterfly CTB and these were also a success. This was the first time in months I was able to do butterfly pull ups with no pain in my shoulder. 

I went lighter on the sled drag today because I tweaked something in my lower back during the front squats. It was really tight, not painful but just stiff. 

****Side note: I was pretty proud of myself for having the fastest time on the deadlift/double under workout (although I don't know what Teej and Alex got, so maybe I don't have the fastest time anymore). Either way, it was a nice reassurance that I'm doing okay and it's nice to be able to hang with everyone on workouts like this. I would like to do more stuff with the comp people and Megan from time to time. 

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