Monday, June 20, 2016


Long, unplugged hike


walked around OTR with Heather and Emily and also mowed the lawn for an hour so....yeah I know that doesn't count. I've lost my motivation to go hiking lately. One of my hiking buds is in a sling, one has been doing the hill runs every Sunday, and one just moved back to Cleveland. I need to start driving to some parks closer to my house, it's hard to drive all the way to Ault Park or Cincinnati Nature Center if I'm hiking solo. I will try to get better at making this a priority. 


A. Snatch, build to your expected opener
B. Clean and jerk, build to your expected opener
Partner work- TBD
Bis, tris, and abs of choice 

A. 145
B. 185
17:10 w/Linnea
3 rounds:
20 alternating curls, 25#
:30 front leaning rest 

Oh my. Today was the worst lifting session I've had in quite some time. Every single lift was bad. I was excited going into this because I'm really looking forward to the lifting meet next weekend and I was hoping this would build some confidence. Nope. My set up for every snatch was different, I was landing on my toes and the weight felt very heavy overhead. I worked up to a shaky 145, tried again and failed, so I called it there. Clean and jerks weren't much better, I went 125-155-175-185. The jerk wasn't hard, it was actually the clean that felt slow. Am I overestimating my openers? I didn't think I was but now I'm not sure, everything was legit garbage today. 

The partner workout was cool, it was fun teaming up with Linnea. I ripped my hand on the very last set of pull ups (classic). I did sets of 10-15 on the pull ups and 20-25 on the wall balls. We split the row 500 each then she ran 400m and I did .5 on the assault bike. I felt good throughout this whole workout! 


30:00 bike @Z1, off every 5:00 for 6-8 light barbell upright rows, 31x0

A. Back squat, 5-5-5, 22x1; 2:30 rest
B. Weighted strict fat bar pull up, build to a 1RM, 21x0
3 rounds for time:
21 assault bike calories
15 GHD sit ups
9 muscle ups
Not for time:
200m farmers walk, 70/hand 

complete w/75#

A. 185-195-205
B. 211 (143 BW + 68)

I love Fridays!

Back squats were kind of tough today, 205 isn't very impressive for a set of five...

Weighted pull ups were solid, I was happy with this. 

The assault bike/GHD/MU piece was actually fun. GHD paired with muscle ups is a nasty combo, I really started to feel it on the third set of MUs. I thought I kept a pretty solid pace on the assault bike and GHDs but my muscle ups slowed WAY down. I was resting a lot between sets, especially on the third round. I was just standing around staring at the rings a lot. I used the thin rings just to switch it up and it wasn't too bad. MUs were broken up 4/4/1, 3/3/3, 2/2/2/3. Not the best. I should have been under fifteen minutes on this, I was on pace to beat it but I had fifteen in my head so I allowed myself to rest too long during the last round. So jive. ("Jive" means lame in jazz speak). 

Farmers walk wasn't terrible, I took a short break every 50 meters. 


4 sets very easy:
:60 row
:60 front leaning rest on ground
:60 assault bike
:60 ski erg
:60 single unders


I'm going to be honest, I just didn't feel like doing this today. I was really tired. There it is. 


30:00 assault bike @Z1, same pace as last week

A1. Bear crawl, 3x15' forward + 3x15' reverse, very slow and controlled keeping hips level; :30 rest
A2. Deadbug, hands pressed into wall, 3x10 alternating breathing out hard each rep; :30 rest
B. 1 snatch balance + 1 overhead squat both w/:02 pause in the hole, 1-1-1-1-1 moderate; :90 rest
C. 1-arm DB row, 3x3-4/side, 20x0, :60 between sides
5 rounds for time:
3 bar muscle ups
30' handstand walk
8:00 @80%
8 strict pull ups
10 ski erg calories
12 hand-release push ups


A1. complete
A2. complete
B. 85-95-105-115-125
C. 60-65-70

Unfortunately I was not able to complete my AM sesh today. I had to cover the 7:00 AM class at MSC and I was planning on doing z2 on the airdyne during my 30 minute break between classes, but a few people ended up staying after class for awhile and by the time they left the 7:00 people were starting to filter in and my window has disappeared. I was bummed about this because I enjoy my Wednesday AM sessions. Oh well. Next week. 

Snatch balances were rough today, these weren't very smooth. The weight felt heavy overhead. 

The bar muscle up/handstand walk workout was really fun! I enjoyed this one. Bar muscle ups were unbroken for all sets, handstand walk was broken up once during the second set (I thought I had already passed the line) and once during the fifth set. I tried to keep my transitions short but I should have pushed the rest more before the bar muscle ups. 

It was effing hot today.

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