Sunday, August 14, 2016


Long, unplugged hike


Had to skip the hike today so I could get everything done before the MSC cookout. I ate lots of ribs and ice cream. Good times were had by all. 


For time with Alex:
Synchro deadlifts, 360
CTB pull ups
For time with Addison:
50 assault bike calories
60 pistols
70 handstand push ups
80 row calories
90 wall balls, 20 to 9'
80 row calories
70 handstand push ups
60 pistols
50 assault bike calories


Fun day of comp prep! Really looking forward to the Tri-State Throwdown. 

The partner deadlift/CTB workout went really well, Alex and I definitely make a good pair on this one. Our deadlifts never got out of sync and they felt really easy. The weight isn't heavy but Alex said we would definitely break them up at the competition since we'll be doing double the amount of reps we did today. CTB pull ups were really easy. I'll probably break them up 7/7/7, 5/5/5 and then 9 unbroken at the competition (hopefully). 

The chipper with Addi SUCKED. IT SUCKED SO MUCH OMG. This was the literal worst. Everything was fine until we finished the wall balls and then had to go back down the ladder. The second 40 cal row was AWFUL, I had zero energy and my legs were completely dead. I even stopped pulling a few times which I haven't done in a very long time. At one point I stopped and then Addi also stopped which was totally my fault. I can't psych out my teammates like that, it's not good mentally. We broke up the second set of HSPU into sets of five but our transitions were way too slow. On the pistols our sets were too big and our breaks were too long. When we do this at the competition we're going to break up the pistols and HSPU into smaller sets right away. I'm also going to row the first 40 calories a bit slower and we're going to break up the wall balls into sets of nine. I'm hoping when we make all these changes I'll have more energy when I get back to the second row. This was terrible. My legs were jelly when this was over. It's going to be a rough one but I know whoever I'm paired with (Joe or Addi) will push me! 


A. Back squat, 1-1-1-1 all tough, 20x1; 2:30 rest
B. Power clean from blocks (bar just above knees) build to a heavy single in 10:00 (clock starts when you load the bar above 125)
C. Squat snatch, 12x3 touch and go @95, begin a set every :40
D. Muscle up work, 10:00 practice/tech work- any variation, nothing fatiguing 
400m sandbag carry 

A. 225-245-255-265
B. 195
C. complete
D. complete-ish

Today was the first day all week I was actually wanted to be in the gym and wanted to train. Glad to be out of that funk. 

Back squats felt heaaaaaavy today but I'm pleased with my numbers. My goal was 265 and I'm happy I got it but it was slow. 225 was pretty easy but every rep after that was tough. I can't believe I back squatted twenty pounds more than that at one point. 

Power cleans were SO MUCH BETTER off the blocks than last time, 195 was easy but I ran out of time before I could go any heavier. 

Snatches got real shitty. These were kind of sloppy today, I could tell I wasn't bending my elbows enough.

I decided to skip the muscle up practice today. I had a nagging pain in my right bicep and it got worse after the snatches. I did one bar muscle up and that seemed to aggravate it even more so I just skipped this part and did some mobility instead. 

Good day in the gym, lots of solid work. Ready to get back to it. 

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