Monday, September 19, 2016


Long, unplugged hike


Wasn't able to get in a hike today, I had a two hour coach meeting in the morning and then had to write programming before I met up with the McCauley sisters for Eli's and gelato. 


A. 10:00 triple under and freestanding handstand push up practice- alternate between the two, nothing fatiguing. 
B. Power clean from blocks (upper thigh), build to a heavy single in 10:00 (clock starts once you load the bar above 125)
C. DB seesaw press (non-working arm stays at lockout), 3x6-8 total, 21x1; 2:00 rest
For time w/partner, trade off as needed w/only 1 working at a time:
80 DB ground-to-overhead or med ball to shoulders
100 row calories
120 burpees
Bis, tris, and abs of choice

A. complete, only one good set of 6 FSHSPU, shoulder fatigued 
B. 155 
C. 25-35-40(6)
15:41 w/Kellie
we both used 75# medball
3 sets:
:15 L-sit
ring dip practice, strict and kipping 

Shoulders were tired today, I couldn't string together more than a few FSHSPU. I hit six in a row on my final set and called it. 

The power cleans off the blocks were really frustrating, this is just a very awkward height. I couldn't get any power from my legs. I caught 155 really low, basically right at parallel. I went for 165 but I could barely pull it. 

The partner workout with Kellie was cool, I thought this was going to be much worse. We traded singles on the medball to shoulder, split up the row cals in five sets of 20, and traded sets of ten on the burpees. I'm really going to miss her when she goes back to California! 

I decided to work on L-sits and ring dips for my bis, tris and abs because they're two of my weakest movements, especially L-sits. I practiced both strict and kipping ring dips. I watched a video on Camille's instagram about kipping dips but I still couldn't quite figure it out. I'm going to keep working on these, you never know when they'll show up. 


A. Squat snatch, 6x1 @80-90% 1RM
B. Back squat, 5-5-5 @175, should feel like a nice little deload; 2:30 rest
For time (w/comp group)
5 bear complex, 85
20 CTB pull ups
4 bear complex
15 CTB pull ups
3 bear complex
10 CTB pull ups
2 bear complex
5 CTB pull ups
1 bear complex
Not for time:
200m 1-arm Farmers walk, 70, switch sides as needed

A. 130-130-140-140-150-150
B. complete

Fun day! 

Snatches were okay today, I failed one rep at 140 (behind). No misses other than that. 

Back squats were easy, I like deloads! 

The comp group workout was really cool, I think I did really well on this. I did all singles for the bear complex because I wanted to save most of my energy/grip for the CTB pull ups. I thought my transitions were good between movements. I liked working out with Conner and Annie, it's nice to have people pushing me since I work out by myself the rest of the week.

Guilted Annie into doing the farmers walk with me, CLASSIC! 

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