Friday, August 19, 2016


20:00-30:00 in the pool, nothing crazy, just get a feel for being there...

25:00 complete @Miami Athletic Club 

Well guys, I still remember how to swim. I'm just slow as hell and probably super inefficient. It was actually really fun to be in the pool, I'm looking forward to doing this every week. I definitely need someone to watch me at some point and help correct my form. Also, swimming is really tiring and now I understand why Stephen ate a whole pizza after his swim sessions, I was starving afterwards. 


30:00 assault bike @Z2 by feel

A1. Bird dogs, 5x10 alternating; :30 rest
A2. Deadbug w/hands pressed into wall, 5x10 alternating breathing out hard each rep; :30 rest
B. Barbell (on back) alternating reverse lunges, 3x6-8; 2:00 rest
Every :90 for 4 sets:
9 CTB pull ups
9 touch and go deadlifts, 155
For time:
400m row @97%

complete, 205 cals

A1. complete
A2. complete
B. 135-145-155

Assault bike was rough this morning, had nothing in my legs. I'm not sure what the deal is and why my legs have been so tired lately. I tried holding 49 RPM but I was more comfortable between 47-48. 205 is only 5 calories under what I usually hit on this so I guess it's not terrible, but still. I just couldn't find a good rhythm today. 

Lunges were easy, I should have gone a bit heavier on the last set. 

CTB pull ups and deadlifts felt much better than last week. I had to cut out the last set of pull ups because I could tell my hand was about to rip. 

The 400m row hurt. In my mind I was like "This won't be that bad, it's a whole 100 meters less than a 500. It will go by quickly!" and it still sucked a lot. I started losing it a little bit right at the halfway point. I was able to hang out until the end and I wasn't on the ground after it was over but my legs were pretty lactic. My best 500 time is 1:42 and I was able to row 400 in 1:21 but the thought of rowing that fast for an extra 100 meters makes me want to barf. 

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