Monday, May 2, 2016


Long, unplugged hike


I wasn't able to hike today, unfortunately didn't have the time. I had a CFC coach meeting in the morning then had to write programming all day before I hung out with my bros Emily and Heather. We walked all around OTR, it was a great day! We went to Homage, ate at The Eagle (BEST FOOD EVER), went to a bunch of different shops, went to Graeters, and walked through Washington Park. It was a great afternoon with my pals. 

FINALLY, a soap for me

The three best friends that anyone could have


Gymnastics seminar
A. 1 power clean + 2 hang power cleans, build to a tough set
Bis, tris, and abs of choice

A. 185

The gymnastics seminar with Keith was SO AWESOME. I learned so much. He showed us a lot of great drills for handstands and muscle ups that I can definitely use as a coach. He also gave me a few tips to make my muscle ups more efficient. This was a really educational seminar and I will definitely sign up again if he comes back. Plus, he's HILARIOUS. 

The power cleans were a bit disappointing, in my mind I thought I would be able to work up to 200 on this. Was it a bit bold? Perhaps. I was pretty fatigued from the gymnastics seminar, my pull didn't feel very strong on the cleans. I worked up to 175 really easily but 185 was a struggle. I power cleaned it but failed the first hang power clean. I tried it again and got it but it wasn't pretty. I should be able to do more than 185 on something like this. I'm going to chalk this one up to the two plus hours of gymnastics work we did? I hope? 

I didn't do any bis and tris, I'm sorry. I was really tired and wanted to go eat. I did a handstand race with Jenn and then decided that was good for the day. 


30:00 bike @Z1

A. Snatch pulls. 7x1 @175, rest as needed
B. Back squat, 4x3-4, 3030; 3:00 rest
C. Weighted strict supinated CTB pull ups, 4x2-3, 21x0; 2:00 rest
3 sets even:
200m run
15 wall balls, 14 to 9'
50 double unders
2:00 walk rest
For time:
500m row
40 burpees
300m ski erg


A. complete
B. 175-185-195-205
C. Cut due to shoulder
2:28 (tripped up twice on DU)

Shoulder felt better today but still sore, snatch pulls were fine but I cut the CTB pull ups. I wanted to be 100% for the gymnastics seminar. 

Back squats were good today, this tempo is still tough. 

The wall ball/double under piece was frustrating, I tripped up twice during double unders on the first set and it wasted a lot of time. Double unders were unbroken on the second and third set but I wasted too much time picking up the wall ball on the third set. 

The row piece was THE WORST. My row was pretty slow, my pace was 2:05. The burpees legit took me four minutes, I couldn't force myself to go fast on these at all. It was pretty bad. My legs felt like cement. I started too slow on the ski erg but pick it up a bit around 150 meters. Overall, this was way too slow and I know that. My breathing was actually not bad but my arms and legs were extremely fatigued. 


4-6 sets very easy:
:60 row
:60 front leaning rest on ground hollow rocks 
:60 assault bike
:30/side plank :60 sit ups 
:60 ski erg ring rows 
:60 single unders

4 sets complete

I woke up to a really sore right arm this morning. I'm not sure if I tweaked it during training yesterday or slept on it wrong but it didn't feel right. I cut out the side planks and front leaning rest because it hurt to put pressure on it. That's annoying. 

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