Tuesday, August 18, 2015


6000m row @Z1

A. Squat snatch, build to a tough single for the day
B. Back squat barefoot, 5x3-4, 31x1; 2:30 rest
For 16:00
1st: 3rd unbroken bar muscle ups + 3 CTB pull ups
2nd: :20 double unders
3rd: 5 L-leg pistol w/pause @bottom, assist @bottom & return to standing if needed
4th: 5 R-leg pistols w/pause @bottom, assist @bottom & return to standing if needed
3 rounds not for time:
4 light/moderate trap 3, 40x0, scaps back and down, initiate the movement w/low traps and opposed to shoulders
15 light/moderate reverse hypers


A. 155(160 Fx1)
B. 145-155-165-170-175(3)
15# for trap 3
45#/side for RH

Snatches started off really badly today. I was all over the place, I worked up to 135 easily then went to 145 but failed it, so I went back down to 140. Then I hit 145, then went for 155 but failed that twice. I was getting under it but I wasn't punching my arms back all the way, it kept falling forward. Duprie told me to "quit fucking around" and I made the lift on the third attempt. Tried for 160 and failed so I called it there. I recorded my first two fails at 155 and I'm definitely going to start recording myself more often, it really opened my eyes to what I needed to fix. I noticed I wasn't being patient in the set up and I wasn't starting with my chest up. When I failed the second attempt at 155 my set up looked like this:

When I tried a third time and made the lift, my set up looked like this:

The pull on the third attempt was so much easier because I set up in a better way. I also didn't warm up my hips enough before I started lifting. I talked to George and he gave me some warm ups to do before snatching so I'll try those next week. I need to work on consistency. I need to set up and pull the same way every time. Right now I feel like I'm setting up and hoping I make the lift as I go. 

Back squats were really tough today, legs were fried.

I really enjoyed the EMOM. Bar muscle ups were the best they've ever been, super easy and fast and barely any bend in the arm at the top. Definitely feeling lighter these days. I liked the bar muscle ups right into the CTB pull ups. Pistols are getting so much better! Very pleased with the progress on these. I'm very excited I don't have to wear lifters for these anymore. Thanks Stevo!

I realized that last week I completely blanked on how to do trap 3 correctly, I was going out instead of up. I corrected it this week. Oops. 

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