Monday, December 14, 2015


3 rounds easy of:
3:00 airdyne
3:00 row
3om moderate/tough offset carry (1-arm DB/KB overhead carry + 1-arm DB/KB farmers walk) switch @20m
3:00 mobility work of choice

A. Snatch balance, 10:00 light tech work
B. Hang power snatch, build quickly to a moderate single
5-4-3-2-1 for time (w/comp group):
Deadlifts, 185
Bar muscle ups
3 rounds not for time:
15 light reverse hypers
:90 banded march


A. complete up to 125
B. 145 (PR+10)
70#/side for RH

Today was fun! Snatch balances went really well. 

I figured I might PR on the hang power snatch, my previous PR was 135. I hit 145 really easily. I tried for 150 twice, my right arm bent while the bar was overhead on the first attempt and I lost it out in front on the second attempt. Both were close, I could probably get it next time.

It was really fun working out with the comp group, I would definitely like to do this more often if possible. I thought I was going to smash this workout but I was a little disappointed with my time. I figured I would be closer to 2:00 but I wasted too much time on the transition from the deadlifts to the muscle ups. I was climbing up on a box since the bar is a bit too tall for me to just jump up there and I should have put the box on the other side of the rig, I wasted a lot of time walking around to the other side of the rig to get up on the box. I didn't fail any muscle ups but I feel like I should have been able to do all of them unbroken. My grip was already fatigued by the set of 4. I'm not sure if it was smart to break up the bar muscle ups or if I should have just hung out at the top and rested my arms up there? Not sure. Either way my time should have been faster on this. It was fun doing this with Duprie and the comp group though!

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