Wednesday, March 23, 2016


30:00 bike @Z1

A. Bear crawl, 5x10' forward + 10' backward slow and controlled; :60 rest
B. Reverse hyper, 3x7-10 tough; :90 rest
5 sets:
4 alternating pistols- deep and controlled throughout
500m row @85%- high but sustainable effort within & across all sets
2:00 walk rest
Crossover Symmetry recovery
10:00 assault bike cool-down


A. complete
B. complete, 90#/side
(these are just the row times, not including pistols)
10:00 @Chels pace
then an extra 10:00 @Conner pace 

Oh my. I am very sore. Hamstrings and glutes were really tight today. 

I wore my lifting shoes and knee sleeves for the pistols. Honestly, if pistols come up in the Open I'll probably have to wear both of those. I'm much faster and more efficient with pistols when I have my lifters and knee sleeves on. The rows hurt a lot, not aerobically but physically. My lower body was really tight from the 16.4 redo yesterday. My lower back was still sore and I wasn't getting any power in my legs for the row, hence the slower times this week. This was legitimately my 85% today. 

Ended up not getting to the COS, it was occupied so I hopped on the assault bike and accidentally forgot about it. 

As I was doing my assault bike cool-down, Conner was also sitting on an assault bike and asked me what my watts were at the moment. I was pedaling at a glacial 71 watts. Conner said I should probably be closer to 130-150 watts when I'm doing any Z1 on the assault bike. Since I was almost done with my 10:00, I decided to add on an extra 10:00 at the pace he recommended. I got a lot more out of it and I was actually working instead of sitting there slowly pedaling while I dick around on my phone. He said I should feel like I'm running an easy 5k and that I need to make the most of my Z1 time. He was totally right and I really appreciated his advice, especially after my previous blog post about my goals. Good looking out, Conner. I have definitely lost sight of how important my Z1 sessions are, and the Open reminded me how much work I still have to do aerobically. No more zombie-pedaling while staring at my phone. 

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