Tuesday, June 14, 2016


A. 1&1/4 front squat, 3-2-1-1; 2:30 rest
B. Weighted false-grip strict pull ups, 3x2-3, 21x0- no pause @ top this week; 2:00 rest
C. Toes to bar, 10x4 unbroken, begin a set every :30
3 rounds for time:
21 row calories
35 wall balls, 14 to 10'
Crossover Symmetry Recovery

A. 185-195-205-215
B. 5-10-15
C. complete

Front squats felt like shit today, everything was really heavy. My legs were really fatigued for some reason. I knew I was in trouble when 185 was tough for three reps. 215 was really tough for one and I know I've done 225 in the past for a single 1&1/4 front squat. Just didn't have it today. 

Weighted pull ups, however, were great! These were much better than last week. I might try some more strict muscle ups this week. 

Toes to bar were easy. I should have shaved my hands for this though, I almost ripped. 

The row/wall ball workout was rough but this is exactly what I need to be doing. I tried to keep the rowing between 1050-1100 cals/hr, sometimes it was a little faster. I broke up the wall balls 20/10/5, 11/12/10/2 (why?), 10/10/8/7. Looking back, I wish I would have just done 10/10/8/7 for all sets but oh well. I tried not to rest too much between sets of wall balls but I was definitely taking longer breaks on the third round. I thought my transitions were pretty good, I tried to get on the rower and start pulling right away. I was happy with this but I still need to work on less rest during wall balls. Thanks Stephen and Megan for cheering me on during this workout. 


Long, unplugged hike

35:00 walk around the neighborhood in the scorching heat 


A. Power clean to overhead, build to a touch and go 7RM
B. Handstand walk, 250' for time
Partner work TBD
Bis, tris, and abs of choice

A. 125
B. 4:41
4 rounds for time:
15 hand-release push ups
50m DB farmers walk
15 sit ups
15 row calories
(14:12 w/50# DB)
subbed mobility 

I really had no idea where I would end up on the 7 rep power clean to overhead. I figured since I did almost hit the 7 rep bear complex at 125 last month I could at least do that. I started with 115 and almost stopped after that but then I decided to stop being a little b-hole and went for 125. I think if I did this again I could go heavier. Finding a max for that many reps is always tough. 

The handstand walk SUCKED. It was really weird because I didn't break it up as much as I did last time but I was walking slower than normal. I'm not sure if I was just trying to conserve energy or what but I was going a lot slower than usual and when I did take a break it took me a long time to make myself kick back up. This was almost thirty seconds slower than when I did it the last time. I definitely need to get this under four minutes. I was basically just moving in slow motion the entire time. 

I have a feeling I'll be doing most of the class partner workouts on my own unless someone wanders in around 11:30. I kind of like creating my own version of whatever the class is doing. I enjoyed today's workout, the dumbbell walk got really tough, my grip was blown up by the end. I tried to keep transitions short and I thought I moved well on this. 

Forearms were already blown up from the workout so I subbed a lot of knee/shoulder mobility. 


30:00 bike @Z1, off every 5:00 for 7-10 light barbell upright rows, 31x0

A. Squat snatch, 5x3 touch and go @85, begin a set every :60
B. Back squat, 2-2-2-2, 40x1; 2:30 rest
C. Weighted strict fat-bar pull ups, 2-2-2, 21x0; 2:00 rest
For time:
7 burpee muscle ups
2:00 rest
21 glute ham sit ups
7 burpee muscle ups
2:00 rest
400m run
21 glute ham sit ups
7 burpee muscle ups
3 rounds for time:
10 assault bike calories
50m farmers walk, 70/hand 

complete, misread this and accidentally used a dumbbell like last week....errrr....oops 

A. complete
B. 205-215-225-235
C. 25-35-40

Awesome day in the gym! Good crowd and good vibe. It's always fun having Addison there. 

Touch and go snatches were super easy and crisp, these felt great. 

Back squats were really solid this week, 235 was not a problem for two reps. 

I really enjoyed the conditioning, burpee muscle ups were good today. I went through the first set of GHD sit ups pretty quickly but the second set was slower. I tried not to rest too much on the burpee muscle ups but on the last set I was starting to take longer breaks between the burpee and the muscle up. I subbed assault bike for the run since I'm trying to be careful about my knee before this weightlifting meet in two weeks. Overall happy with how I did on this. 

The assault bike/FW piece was cool, I tried to just stay moving and keep transitions short. 

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