Friday, May 27, 2016


A1. Front squat, 3-2-1-1, 22x1; :60 rest
A2. Weighed false-grip ring pull ups, 1-1-1-1, 21x1; :60 rest
B. Close-grip bench press, 3-3-3, 20x1, no pause @chest, 2:00 rest
10 rounds easy:
1 dead hang to inverted w/:02 pause @top
10 wall balls, 14 to 9'
200m run
Crossover Symmetry recovery

A1. 155-175-195-205
A2. 5-10-10-10
B. 105-115-120

Definitely came into the gym feeling very sore from the competition. Stephen told me to go real chill on everything. 

Front squats actually didn't feel terrible, my legs weren't as sore as my arms. I was happy about working up to 205 although I think if I was fresh I could have gone heavier. 

Weighted false-grip pull ups SUCKED today, I had no pulling power whatsoever. My shoulders were extremely fatigued from all the pulling/snatching we did on Saturday. 

I went lighter on bench press because my arms felt like shit. 

The ten rounds weren't terrible, breathing was actually pretty good. Wall balls were easy and the run wasn't bad. It just felt like it took forever, ten rounds is a lot. 


Long, unplugged hike


I was exhausted from travel and competition so I slept in. No hike for me today. Had a nice time with all my gym friends at Austin's going away party. I'm going to miss that guy. 

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