Thursday, November 12, 2015




6-8 sets easy:
:60 row
:60 front leaning rest on ground
:60 airdyne
:30/side plank
2x[:10 double unders +:20 single unders]

A. Power snatch clusters, 4x1.1.1 @105, :10 between singles, 2:00 rest
B. Snatch pull, 3x1 @185; :90 rest
C. 1-arm DB row w/straps, 3x3-4/arm, 21x1; :45 between arms
6 sets @high effort:
8 russian kettlebell swings, 70
8 burpees
:60 rest
200m run
30 double unders
:60 rest
Not for time:
2000m row cool-down

6 sets complete

A. complete
B. complete
C. 55-60-65 (4R/3L)

Meh today was okay. Power snatches were kind of frustrating, I can tell I'm still adjusting to putting weight overhead and it's annoying. I felt very slow under the bar and not aggressive at all (video). I just want the weight to be easy again! 

Snatch pulls were decent, they got relatively high today (video). 

DB rows were fine, I only did three reps on the left arm during the last set because the tempo was becoming compromised. 

The 6 sets were okay, better than last week because I only had to run 200m today hehe. I tried to keep the burpees fast and steady. I was still breathing really hard on this, I can't tell if I should be recovering faster during the rest? I tripped up once on double unders during the first set but they were all unbroken after that. 

Also, I was starving during training today. This is the first time since Mike gave me my new macros that I've been hungry in the middle of training. I mean, I was SO HUNGRY. It was terrible. I talked to Heather and I'm going to try and make some more changes in my food, replacing things like quest bars with deli meat and rice. I'm eating enough calories but some of the food I'm eating isn't filling and that's part of the problem. I'm going to start doing this next week and see how it goes. 

Frustrating last couple of days, especially since Monday's training went so well. 

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