Sunday, August 23, 2015


Long, unplugged hike

45:00 walk @Ault Park with Brandie and Austin.

Excellent day. I met up with Brandie, Austin, and Mark for lunch at Sleepy Bee. I had the nutty bee gluten free pancakes and it was just a delight. We also ran into good old Tommy Towers as we were on our way out, so that was a real treat. Then Brandie, Austin and I drove over to Ault Park to walk around. It felt really good to stretch my legs, they are extremely sore from the competition yesterday since basically all the events involved lower body. Relaxing day with my buds. 


3-4 rounds easy of:
3:00 airdybe
3:00 row
3:00 mobility work of choice

A. Thruster, build very quickly to moderate single-leave 15-20 in the tank
B. Close-grip bench press, 2-2-1-1, 20x1; 2:00 rest
10:00-15:00 very easy movement prep for tomorrow
6 sets:
:60 airdyne @ very high aerobic effort
:60 airdyne @50%

3 rounds complete

A. 160 (170 Fx1)
B. 130-135-140-150(PR+5)

Thrusters felt great today, I worked up to 160 in three attempts. I went for 170 but caught it weird so the press out was awkward and I failed the lift. Boooo.

I'm SO HAPPY I finally hit a PR on my bench press, it has been well over a year since the last PR. I had been stuck at 145 forever. 150 definitely wasn't pretty, my back was pretty arched and for a split second I didn't think I was going to make it but I got it, even with the tempo. 

Movement prep was basically just thrusters, running and wall balls. Not a ton I could really do here since half the workouts hadn't been announced yet. 

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