Saturday, April 9, 2016


A. Squat clean, build to a max for the day
B. Back squat, build to a max for the day
C. Muscle ups, 1x max unbroken
For time:
65 toes to bar
65 wall balls, 14 to 9'
3 sets not for time:
5-10/side moderate/tough 1-arm DB rows, no tempo
10-15 light reverse hypers

A. 220
B. 255 (265 Fx1)
C. 9 (PR+1)
7:50-ish? The clock was reset while we were doing this 
40# DB
45#/side for RH

Solid day!

I was really surprised with the 220 squat clean. I didn't think I would get much higher than 200 pounds considering I was struggling to front squat 225 a few days earlier. 200 was pretty easy so I went to 210 then 215. 215 was actually easier and more crisp than 210 so Stephen told me to go to 220. I got under it really easily, it was just a bit slow on the way up. I'm super happy with this considering we haven't done any heavy lifting in six weeks and it's only five pounds under my squat clean max! I think in a few months I could hit 230. 

The back squats felt really heavy today, 255 was pretty slow on the way up but I decided to just go to failure. I dumped 265 almost immediately. Oh well. This will get better over the next few weeks. 

Muscle ups went well today, I was happy with the PR. The ninth rep was a slow press out of the dip (or so I thought) but Stephen said he thought I could have done another one. 

The toes to bar/wall ball workout had a rough start. Matt reset the clock for us (us being me and Duprie) and he accidentally had it counting down instead of up. Then for some reason it started counting back up again and stopped at 99:59. Jim grabbed the remote and reset it the correct way but at that point Duprie and I really had no idea how long we had been going, so we just added a minute on to our time at the end. Toes to bar were tough. I started with sets of five but quickly dropped to four and three. I also did a lot of singles. My grip was blown up and my core fatigued really quickly. I dream of a day when I'm good at toes to bar. Wall balls were broken up 20/10/10/10/8/7. Duprie really pushed me on the wall balls at the end. It's always fun working out with that guy. 

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