Sunday, September 27, 2015


Long, unplugged hike

60 min complete @Ault Park with Heather, Emily, and Emily's sister Mary. 

I am really enjoying these Sunday hikes with my bros. I look forward to this every week. It's a nice way to get my mind off things and to just hang out, talk, and enjoy nature with my pals. On our hike today we came across a teepee, which I had never seen before. I freaked out a little too hard over this. But it was a teepee made of sticks in the woods! It was cool. Mary took our picture inside the teepee. 

And so it shall be, this teepee will now be known as the Teepee of Fun and Friendship


A. Squat clean clusters, 3x1. moderate/tough; :10 between singles, 2:30 
B. 1&1/4 front squat, 3-3-3-3 w/:03 initial descent, 2:30
C. Unweighted glute-ham raises, 3x5-10, 20x1; :90 rest
Not for time:
800m sled drag, light

A. 175-180-185
B. 145-155-165-175
C. complete
complete w/45# on sled

Today was just okay. Form was a bit off on the squat cleans, I wasn't keeping my chest up in the initial pull and I just felt like I was leading some of the pulls with my back, it was really weird. Also, the weight felt heavier than I would have liked. 5 cleans at 185 really shouldn't be tough these days. It wasn't too bad, just wasn't standing them up as quickly as last week. 

Front squats were good, these only got tough on the last set.

Glute-ham sit ups: good. 

I really enjoyed the sled drag. I wish they were always that easy. It was nice to just be able to stay moving the entire time. I probably only stopped to switch directions two or three times total. 

Nice chill day in the gym. 


3-5 rounds easy of:
3:00 airdyne
3:00 row
3:00 mobility work of choice- include anything Balza gave you

A. Clean pull, 1-1-1-1-1 @225, :90 rest
B. Halting snatch grip deadlift (pause just off ground on way up and down keeping chest up) 1-1-1-1-1 heavy; 2:00 rest
C. Sled drag, 4x50m very heavy grind indoors, 2:00 rest
4 sets:
400m run :03-:05 faster than last weeks pace
2:00 walk rest

3 sets complete

A. complete
B. 175-185-195-200-205
C. complete w/200# on sled
complete, all sets around 1:30

Clean pulls felt REALLY heavy today, I can't believe I just stood up with that weight last weekend. 

Snatch grip deadlifts were the best they've been so far, 205 was really solid. 

Sled drag definitely got difficult but I enjoyed this. 

I think I did the 400m repeats too fast. I ran the mile in 7:48 but I ended up running each 400 in 1:30 today. As soon as I did the first one I felt like I had to just stick with that pace for the remainder of the sets. 

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