Sunday, January 3, 2016



Had an excellent New Years Eve with Austin, Brandie, Emily, and Heather. Taste of Belgium for dinner, Steak N Shake for dessert. Chill nights with my friends are the best. 


6-8 sets easy:
:60 row
:15-:20 planche hold w/feet in rings
:60 airdyne
4 CTB pull ups
2x[:10 double unders + :20 single unders]

A. Snatch (squat or power) build quickly to a tough single
B. Snatch pulls, 1-1-1-1 starting @best load in A and building; :90 rest
C1. Snatch-grip deadlift, 1-1-1 starting @best load in B and building to a heavy single, :30 rest
C2. Strict handstand push ups, 3x max in :60, :60 rest
5 sets @high effort
400m row
30 unbroken double unders
2:00 walk rest


A. complete up to 160
B. 160-175-185-195
C1. 195-215-235
C2. 13-13-12

Bahhhh I had to skip my AM session again, another busy morning covering classes. Sorry Stevo. 

Snatches were tough today, shoulders were fatigued after all the muscle ups yesterday. I basically just did the snatch ladder from the Covington comp, I worked up to 145 really easily but failed 160 three times. Merrrrr. The first miss was actually a really good miss, I caught it in the bottom but then lost it behind me. The next two misses were out in front. I took a few minutes and then hit it on the fourth try. It wasn't the best rep but oh well, I'm glad I know I can at least snatch 160. Now I have one month to hit it 1000 more times. 

Strict handstand push ups have greatly improved, I hit 9 in a row on the first set which is definitely a PR. I think the most I ever did before today was five reps during regionals practice. My shoulders were pretty tired by the third set but I was able to stay consistent through each set. Very happy with this!

Row/double under piece was harder than it should have been, I was sucking wind by the second set. 

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