Saturday, May 14, 2016


25:00 assault bike @Z1
ROM WOD w/Conner and Stevo 


Comp prep with Addison and Emily

Fun day with my buds! I love training for team stuff. 

We started by testing out the bear complex. We decided I would try the set of seven and Em would try the set of three. We quickly learned that was probably a mistake. I was able to get through five reps at 125 but then I banged the bar into my knee on my sixth clean and just dropped it. I could have definitely done two more sets at 125 though. I COULD HAVE, GUYS. Em got three reps at 130 and Addi did five reps at 140 I think? Then we decided that Stephen was right all along, and Em should be doing the seven reps and I should do the three. Lesson learned: Stephen is always right. 

Next we did the 10:00 AMRAP of assault bike calories and KB snatches. I like this one, I think we'll do well on this. The key is to just go really hard on the assault bike. Luckily Stephen has been programming a shit ton of assault bike for me lately so I'm cool with it! 

Then we tested the 500m row/100 thrusters/100 pull ups. I also really like this one. Emily rowed first, then Addison, then me. They were already done with 75 thrusters by the time I got to the bar, I sort of felt like a dick for not helping out more. Oh well. I did a set of ten and a set of five and then it was time for pull ups. We each traded sets of 10-12 and it seemed to work pretty well, we finished in 9:38? It's a ten minute cap. We decided I would row second at the competition since my thrusters are faster than Addi's. I also think I can do bigger sets of pull ups. 

I'm really looking forward to this competition next weekend! Hopefully I'm not too out of shape from taking four days off in NYC.....NAH I'll be fine. 

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