Tuesday, April 12, 2016


A. Front squat, 3x4-6, 40x1; 2:30 rest
B. Close-grip bench press, 6-6-6, 22x1; 2:00 rest
10:00 @70% of [1 muscle ups + 5 wall balls @14 to 9- use both arms!]
5:00 rest
10:00 @70% of [30m prowler push w/straight arms, load so it's a heavy grind + max (-2) strict pull ups + 30 unbroken double unders]
Crossover Symmetry recovery 

A. 145-165-185(5)
B. 85-90-100
complete w/90# on prowler
subbed DB external rotation, powell raise, trap 3 w/10#

Front squats were much better than last week. 185 was starting to get pretty slow on the way up so I called it at five, although looking back I should have just done a sixth rep. 

I actually didn't hate benching today! The tempo was tough, especially the two second pause at the chest. That's going to get interesting. Stephen said it's the time of the year for shitty tempos.

The muscle up/wall ball workout was fun, I lost count but I know I did at least 15 rounds if not more. I was really trying to focus on using both arms on the wall balls instead of doing that weird free-throw thing but I could feel myself starting to shift over to the right side once I got fatigued. This is weird. 

The prowler workout was rough. I loaded up the prowler with 180# because that's what I usually push indoors but I couldn't even move it. I think it was because of the rain, the mats were sticky. I seriously could not move it at all. I took 45# off each side and 90# was plenty for today, it was still really hard to push the prowler on the mats because of the rain. The strict pull ups were tough, I was averaging 6 pull ups per round. It was really hard to do these while breathing heavy from the prowler. I tripped up on double unders once and had to start over. This one was kind of a mess. 

Harris was putting that finisher/staining stuff on the platforms over by the crossover symmetry and it reeked so I just did all the scap stuff with the dumbbell. 

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