Thursday, January 7, 2016


6-8 sets easy:
:60 row
:15-:20 planche hold w/feet in rings
:60 airdyne
2 dead hang to inverted
2x[:10 double unders + :20 single unders]

A. Barbell Blitz snatch gauntlet
B. Snatch pulls, 1-1-1-1-1 @165; :60 rest
C. Snatch-grip deadlift, 1-1-1-1-1 starting @185 and building; :90 rest
6 sets @high effort:
6 strict handstand push ups
300m row
30 unbroken double unders
:90 walk rest

6 sets complete

A. complete
B. complete
C. 185-195-205-225-245

I really enjoyed the AM session, it was cool doing something different. Those planche holds are no joke. 

PM session was a bit better than yesterday. My training days are very bipolar. It would be nice to have two good days in a row. 

Snatch gauntlet went pretty well, although my shoulders were fatigued as hell. Snatching on day 3 is no walk in the park. I did one rep every 2:00 trying to imitate the competition setting. I hit every snatch on the first attempt....and then 160 happened. The pull was super easy and I caught it perfectly in the bottom. I thought I nailed it so I started to stand it up and then all of a sudden I turned into this guy:

My shoulders started wobbling and I completely lost it out in front as I was standing up with it. I have literally never done that before. Heather and I were both very confused. This actually makes me sort of nervous, I don't want that to happen in the competition. I guess I'm still getting used to catching heavy weight overhead? My shoulders didn't feel stable at all. This wasn't good. So then I turned into this guy:

I threw a legit tantrum. I yelled "FUCK" at least six times. I took my belt off and threw it. I said I hated snatching and that I would never be good at it again. Then I rested another minute and tried it again. I hit it this time. It was not pretty, my shoulders were still sort of shaky and I took a few steps forward but I got it. SHEESH. I just want the catch in the bottom to feel stable because the pull feels insanely light. I flirted with the idea of trying to hit a 170 PR but Heather talked me out of that really quickly. She basically just said "no" and I knew she was right. My shoulders weren't up for it. I think if I was fresh on day 1 then I might be able to hit it. Oh well. I'm happy I only missed it once instead of three times like last week. Now I just need to be able to hit it in the two minute time frame. 

Snatch pulls were super easy. 

Snatch deadlifts went well, 245 was definitely tough but it's the highest snatch-grip deadlift I've done so far. 

HSPU/row piece was decent, strict HSPU felt pretty good today. They slowed down on the sixth set (hence why the time is slower) and I tripped up once on the double unders during the first set. Luckily it was only the third rep so I really didn't have to waste much time starting over. 

Body is tired but overall a better training day.


4 sets of:
6:00 bike easy
3:00 Balza/Drew rehab pieces of choice

A. Back squat, 4-3-2-2, 20x1 building so only last 2 is tough (still not maximal) 2:00 rest
B. Muscle ups, 10x3 unbroken, :60 rest
3 sets for even times:
36 row calories
24 wall balls, 14 to 10'
12 CTB pull ups
3:00 walk rest
2000m row @Z1


A. 205-225-240-250
B. complete-ish, got through two reps into the set of 9 and ripped so I called it

Today started off pretty well and ended very badly. 

Back squats went really well today, 250 was solid for two reps. The second one was a bit slow on the way up but I was never concerned about failing. I wasn't sure if I was going below parallel so I filmed myself (video) and I was surprised to see I was going WELL below parallel. Not sure why I thought my squat was so shallow. These felt good though. 

Muscle ups weren't as good as last week, some sets were caught straight but some were caught in a dip. I made it through two reps in the ninth set and then I ripped so I called it there. These were okay today, not great but not terrible. I think I'm going to work on some transitions with a band because I really want to nail the straight-arm catch.

So errrr the row/WB/CTB piece went very badly. Like, it was terrible. I had no energy to do this, I can't explain it. I felt totally fine through the back squats and muscle ups, and once I started the aerobic piece I basically just gave up. So I guess I CAN explain it, I was just being a little B. My row was pretty slow each set. My wall balls were TERRIBLE. I think I broke at least two times per set and I rested a long time between sets. Austin said I looked really sluggish. The CTB were a mess, my hands were raw from all the muscle ups and I could barely hang on to the bar. I was finding it impossible to muster up the energy to do this, let alone do it well and perform it how I know I should. What is going on? I couldn't force myself to do anything. 

If I'm being totally honest, I cried after training today. I feel like I am becoming an athlete I don't recognize really. If I think back to the summer, I was so energetic and had no problem pushing myself to the point of pain every day. I was all jazzed up from regionals and all those competitions. Now I feel like I'm just going through the motions on some of these workouts. I know I should be doing better. I feel like I haven't done anything impressive or anything worthy of being on a regionals team. I'm glad this competition is coming up soon because I need it. I need to compete and have a fire lit under my ass, because right now it's not there. 

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