Monday, October 19, 2015


Long, unplugged hike


Did not complete. It was 30 degrees this morning so Heather and I decided to skip the hike. I went in around 2:30 to do some airdyne/mobility. Also I think I slept on my neck weird, the entire upper part of my neck was stiff and sore. It's feeling better now but I tried to roll it out as much as I could. 


A. Squat clean, 1-1-1-1-1 heavy but not maxes, begin a rep every 2:00
B. Front squat, 3x4-6, 20x1; 2:30 rest
C1. Weighted glute-ham raises, 3x3-5, 20x1; :60 rest
C2. Passive 2-arm hang from fat bar, 3x:20-:30; :60 rest
Not for time:
800m sled drag, moderate

A. 175-185-195-205-205
B. 145-165-175
C1. complete w/15#
C2. complete

I knew today wasn't going to be 100%, I spent 6 hours standing at a competition and definitely didn't have enough food in me. It was worth it though. More on that later. 

Squat cleans were alright, I worked up to 195 very easily but both reps at 205 were ugly and tougher than I would have liked. My legs were really tired. I caught the first rep at 205 pretty low on my chest which hardly ever happens. I decided to stay at that weight for the last set and it was just as ugly as the previous rep. I don't know what I was doing but I had this weird hitch in my pull that came out of nowhere and it felt like it took forever to stand it up. This was annoying. I don't know why my form went out the window all of a sudden. Also, I feel like 205 shouldn't be that hard to stand up. Then again, my legs were already tired and I was already at 70% energy at that point. Meh. Could have been better. 

Front squats were surprisingly easy considering how bad my cleans were, I thought these were going to be terrible but they actually weren't bad. 175 got tough during the last two reps but other than that everything felt pretty good. 

Glute-ham raises were fine. The hold from the bar was fine too, I didn't have any pain at all. It just felt RIGHT. Ah, pull up bar, how I've missed holding you. Maybe this week we can start adding in some strict pull ups? Eh? EHHHH?

I skipped the sled drag. I'm sorry Stephen! I was completely drained at this point, I woke up at 6:45 and stood in a cold gym from 8:30 AM-2:00 PM. I just didn't have any energy left by the time I got to the sled drag, and I needed to go home and eat. I am the worst and will try to make this up at some point this week. Perhaps Thursday.

That being said, I had the experience of watching some of my MSC athletes compete in the Festivus Games and it was a blast. We had 9 total athletes competing, most of them coming from the classes. It was really cool to watch them compete for the first time, they all did so well. I was so proud of them. Two athletes made it to the finals for the Master's men's division and two athletes made it to the finals for the intermediate men. In the end, Jay and (Silent) Bob took second and third in the men's Master's division and Bobby took FIRST place in the men's intermediate. It was a great day watching all my athletes compete and have a great time doing it. They said they would definitely be interested in doing more competitions in the future, so that's exciting. It was an excellent morning. 

Coaches + Amber

Bobby takes first place in the men's intermediate

Jay & Bob with a second and third place finish in the men's Master's division

All the competitors! So proud of everyone!


4 rounds easy of:
3:00 airdyne
3:00 row
3:00 mobility work of choice

A. Clean pull, 1-1-1 @235; 2:00 rest
B. Snatch-grup deadlift, build to a heavy double, 31x1
C. Sled drag, 6x25m very heavy grind indoors, :90 rest
4 sets:
400m run @same pace as last week
:90 walk rest


A. complete
B. 200
C. complete w/245# on sled

Clean pulls were definitely heavy but better than the last time I attempted to pull this weight. The second rep was ugly, I was using all back and no legs. The first and third rep were pretty good. 

Snatch-grip deadlift was good, again this is mostly just based on how much my thumbs can handle. I also felt like I was starting to tip my chest forward on the second rep so I called it at 200. 

Sled drag was definitely tough but I'm enjoying these. 

Runs were HARD. The :90 rest made a huge difference. My breathing was really good on the first two sets but I was dying by the fourth one. I felt lighter today and I was moving better than last week so that's good. 



Lots of mobility 


6-8 sets easy:
:60 row
:60 front leaning rest on ground
:60 airdyne
:30/side plank
2x[:10 double unders + :20 single unders]

A. Snatch pull, 3x1 @185; 2:00 rest
B. 1-arm DB row w/straps, 3x5-8/arm, 21x1; :45 between arms
5 sets @high effort
5 deadlifts, 205
200m run
35 double unders
2:00 walk rest
Not for time:
1500m row cool down

Same Z1 session from yesterday, wanted to get some extra mobility in

A. complete
B. 35-40-45

Good session today!

Snatch pulls were heavy but still got pretty high. 

DB rows felt pretty good. 

I enjoyed the deadlift/run piece. Deadlifts were super easy. Breathing still wasn't great but better than normal lately. All double unders unbroken. 

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