Monday, May 16, 2016


Long, unplugged hike

70:00 hike @Cincinnati Nature Center w/Heather 


A. Bear complex, build to a tough triple- goal is 155 today
B. Strict handstand push ups, 15x3 unbroken; rest as needed
Partner work TBD
Bis, tris, and abs of choice

A. 145 (155x2, lost it overhead)
B. complete
complete w/Cody, no idea how many rounds
used 45# DB
hammer curls and hollow rocks/flutter kicks 

Oh my gosh, today sucked real bad. I was really low on energy when I came into the gym, I didn't sleep super great the night before so maybe that was the reason? I was feeling very drained and lethargic. 

The bear complex was so much harder than I thought it would be. I thought I got off easy by just have to do three reps and I arrogantly asked Stephen if I could go higher than 155. I'm such a b-hole sometimes. I definitely underestimated this. I did one set at 145 and was shocked at how hard it was. The first two sets weren't bad but the third set was rough, I almost didn't lock out the last shoulder to overhead. I rested a few minutes and tried for 155. I got through (almost) two full sets, I tried resting with the bar on my back but couldn't lock out the last shoulder to overhead from behind the neck so I just dropped it without doing a third set. Then I basically pouted for twenty minutes. I feel like I should definitely be able to do three reps of this complex at 155. What the heck! I was surprised at how bad I felt during this whole thing. Legs and shoulders were exhausted even though I had a rest day Friday. I asked Stephen if I could redo this Monday and he said yes. This shook my confidence a bit, I thought I would easily be able to hit 155. I guess we will find out Monday. 

Strict handstand push ups were fine, I slowed down on the last few sets but overall I thought my cycle time was pretty good on these. They're definitely getting better, that's for sure. 

The partner workout was rough. The actual workout wasn't bad, I thought it was a cool workout. I just sucked at doing it. I was going to do it by myself but Cody graciously offered to be my partner because he's the best. I felt fatigued almost immediately and couldn't catch my breath at all. I was rowing pretty slow, probably between 1050-1150 cals/hr. The dumbbell snatches also got really hard by the end. I was just extremely tired and fatigued throughout this whole workout, and I'm sure I looked terrible as well. Legs and arms were toast. 

Bis and tris are getting better, Austin said my curls actually looked like real curls. Did some hollow rocks and flutter kicks while watching regionals on the big screen, then got the eff out of there because today was poop. 

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