Wednesday, January 6, 2016


30:00 airdyne @Z1, off every 5:00 for 5 kipping handstand push ups

A. Bear crawl, 5x10' forward + 10' backward, very slow and deliberte w/10 pound bumper plate on hips, :60 rest
B. 1 power clean + 1 push jerk + 1 split jerk, build to a heavy set in 2:00
AMRAP in 6:00
30 power cleans, 125
30 bar-facing burpees
3 rounds not for time:
15m/side 1-arm DB overhead carry
5/side 1-leg reverse hypers, 2020
:30 flutter kicks


A. complete
B. 185
1 round + 4 burpees
50-60-65 for DB overhead carry
25#/side for RH

I'm not really satisfied with where I ended up on the bar complex, although I knew the push jerk was going to be the limiter. The power cleans and split jerks were always very easy, the push jerk was decent up until 185, I had a slight press out. It's 5 pounds under my push jerk PR so I guess that's okay. Also had no weird feelings in my knee today so that's a plus!

I'm going to be honest, I did very poorly on the 6:00 AMRAP. I should have smashed this and I just didn't. My plan going in was to stick with sets of 5 on the cleans but for some reason I opened with a set of 8. Classic. Then I did a set of 4, then three singles, then a set of five, and then I forget what I did after that. I was resting way too much between cleans, it was sad. The weight wasn't the issue at all, I was just being a little bitch. The burpees were actually pretty steady the whole time, I don't mind bar-facing burpees at all. I was able to get 4 cleans before time ran out. This is just terrible. I was so disappointed with this. I feel like I just have no drive to push myself to the point of hurting right now. 

DB overhead carry was pretty easy, I was able to snatch the DB each time. 


Long, unplugged hike or easy 30:00 row

Wasn't able to get to the gym this morning so had to settle for a 30:00 walk. 

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