Tuesday, March 1, 2016


3000m row @Z1, off every 500m to walk around for a minute

16.1 redo 


198 (2 reps less than Friday)

Eeeeeeeesh. Today was rough. 

I went into this redo truly believing I could do better than my first attempt on Friday. I was running on more than three hours of sleep, I wasn't sick anymore and I was feeling pretty good. I definitely wasn't looking forward to doing it again but I thought I could improve a lot. WRONG. 

I started out a bit slower than Friday, my first round was 1:47 or something around there. My goal was to stay steady but keep my transitions short and rest less during the pull ups. I was trying to stay moving on the burpees and take wider steps on the lunges. I thought I started out pretty well but I still lost it on the pull ups. They felt like total garbage today, I think I switched to kipping pull ups by the third round. I was still resting way too much during the pull ups and I was also breaking them up a lot more than I did on Friday. I don't know how many times Stephen told me to stay upright, I kept bending over even though that's the exact opposite of what I needed to be doing. I was breathing so hard, I just couldn't force myself to do pull ups. That was the absolute worst part. Not the burpees, not the lunges. The pull ups were the worst. I think mentally I was "in it" much more than I was on Friday, so I guess that's a plus? During my first attempt I remember thinking "I don't even care, I just want this to be over." Today, I was surprised to look at the clock and see 13 minutes had already passed. I wanted to do better. 

I really tried to push the last two minutes. The sad part is, I thought I was a round ahead of where I actually was. I thought I was into my ninth round instead of my eighth. I thought I was moving a lot better throughout the whole workout and as I was doing the burpees at the end I thought it was just racking up extra points. Once I was done, I asked Stephen if I had done better and he said "actually, I think you did less" and I almost burst into tears. That was the worst. Stephen said I was moving better but I didn't start out as fast so I didn't have any room to slow down. I just didn't stay ahead of the pace and I still rested too much on the pull ups. This was so disappointing. 

I knew when this workout was announced it wasn't going to be a good week for me. I honestly think I tried my best today, I don't think I could have done much more. I definitely could have cut down the rest on the pull ups but I don't think I could have added that many more reps to my score. I wanted to go faster but I just couldn't. This just wasn't a good workout for me. I was mostly just disappointed because I want to contribute for my team as much as I can, I want us to get to regionals. It's over and done, so here's hoping this week is muscle ups and a heavy barbell. 

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