Tuesday, October 27, 2015


30:00 airdyne @Z1

A. Bear crawl, 5x10' forward + 10' backward, very slow and deliberate w/flat back; :90 rest
B. Hang power clean, 2-2-2-2-2, begin a set every :90
3 sets for even times (start fast and then try to maintain for the remainder of the sets- ok to risk coming out too hot here):
500m row
15 burpees
2:30 walk rest
3 rounds not for time:
20 band pull aparrts
8-12 heavy reverse hypers


A. complete
B. 145-165-175-185-195(PR)
2:50 (row 1:58.9)
3:00 (row 1:58.7)
3:00 (row 1:58.5)
red band
90#/side for RH

Solid day! I felt really good today. I started adding more carbs on Sunday and I can already feel a difference, I had a lot more energy during training. 

I was really happy with the 2RM hang power clean PR (video). It was actually very easy. I think I need to work on using my legs more for the first rep, the second rep is always super easy but I never really know what to do on the first rep. Like, I sort of just bounce it right off my thighs instead of bending my knees and lowering it like I would on a hang snatch. Still working out the kinks on this. I went for 200 and got the first rep but the bar slipped out of my hands on the second rep! I've never had that happen before, I went to return the bar to my thighs and it just slipped right out of my hands. I was very annoyed. I rested and then went for 200 again, I got the first rep but didn't have the energy to even attempt a second rep. Merrrr. Oh well. 195 is fine for now. 

I thought the row/burpee piece went really well, this is the best I've felt aerobically in a long time. I tried to push the row as much as I could, I ended up with a 1:58 on the first set so I stuck with that for then next two. Burpees were probably slower than they should have been, and by the third set I definitely took too long between the row and the first burpee. I was breathing hard but I wasn't panicked, I just felt like I couldn't move any faster. I'm guessing my times should have been closer to 2:30 since that's how long the rest was? Felt a bit nauseous after this one. 


Long, unplugged hike

Grabbed breakfast with my buds instead, then went to the gym and did:
4 sets:
6:00 airdyne
3:00 mobility 


A. Squat clean, build to a heavy single in 15:00 (including warm up)
B. Front squat, 4x3-4, 20x1; 2:30 rest
C1. Weighted glute-ham raises, 3x7-10, 20x1; :60 rest
C2. Active 2-arm hang from fat bar, 3x:05-:10; :60 rest
Not for time:
800m sled drag, moderate

A. 210 (220 Fx1)
B. 175-190-200 (ran out of time for a fourth set)

Today was a bit off because of the nutrition seminar at DSC. We had about an hour for lunch and I was only able to complete the first two parts of my training before we had to go back in and eat before the seminar started again. 

Squat cleans went pretty well, 210 was extremely easy to stand up (video). I actually felt like I didn't even fully extend my hips all the way before I dropped under the bar, which is why you see me make the "what the fuck" motion in the video. I went for 220 but the pull was terrible, my chest was completely down and there was no chance of getting it high enough to get under it. Next time. My 15:00 was up anyways. 

Front squats went really well, these are getting so much easier. I think 200 is the most I've ever done for four reps. I would have gone up to 210 but I didn't have enough time, by the time I was finished with my first three sets I had to go get my lunch together before the seminar started again. Very happy with these. 

The nutrition seminar was AWESOME. I learned so much, I'm so glad I went. Mike is a really cool guy and extremely smart. It was also really cool to see him break down macros for every person, since everyone is so different in what they need it was very interesting to see how each person needs a different breakdown depending on their goals, weight, and lifestyle. When it was my turn, he basically told me I wasn't eating enough carbs and that I needed more calories since my goals are performance-based. He seemed impressed that I was already counting my macros and he told me to keep my protein and fat the same but he increased my carbs to 327g (then told me to subtract the amount of carbs in my PWO protein shake, which is 40g, so I'm really shooting for 287g from food). He also told me I need to be taking supplements (fish oil, creatine, Vitamin D, etc) so I'm going to start introducing those as well. He said I needed to go to bed earlier (I already knew that one, heh oops) but it was so helpful to have him break down my macros. I also learned a lot about timing food correctly and eating correctly on competition days. Overall it was a great experience and I learned a lot. Excellent day! 

Mike is the best

We brought a microwave because we're weirdos about hitting our macros

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