Sunday, December 27, 2015


Long, unplugged hike

subbed 3 rounds:
1000m row
:60 freestanding handstand practice
2:00 banded march
10:00 mobility 

It was gross and rainy today and I wanted to hang with Megan at the gym so I skipped the hike and did some rowing instead. It definitely felt good to just go in and row. I might start doing this once it gets really cold in the mornings and I can't hike. 

Ready to get back to my normal schedule and regular diet. 


OPEX Winter Classic

Event 1
From 0:00-20:00 on the clock
Death by unbroken power snatches 115/85lbs

1. All repetitions must be unbroken to perform the next round
2. No resting barbell on the floor; unlimited barbell rest overhead or at hips
3. If you make the round of 15 (14:00 on the clock) that round becomes a 60-second AMRAP as a tiebreaker, unbroken still required
4. Once finished rest until the 20:00 mark
5. Scored as rounds + repetitions

Event 2
From 20:00-40:00 on the clock
For time: 75 Toes-to-Bar
Each break perform 30 double under as a penalty

1. 15-minute time cap
2. Add one second to 15:00 for each remaining toes-to-bar repetitions at the time cap
3. If you finish before the time cap rest until the 40:00 mark
4. Scored as time to completion

Event 3
From 40:00-60:00 on the clock
20 minute AMRAP
20 Row calories
20 Wall balls 20/14lbs to 10ft
20 Burpees onto 45lb plate

Event 1

Event 2

Event 3
4 rounds


First of all, let me just say that by this point I've been eating like total shit for four days. It's my own fault. I had french toast and pizza yesterday, ice cream every night, cookies, puppy chow, etc. Not good. The holidays are killing me. 

This was also not fun to do by myself. I had to get into the gym early today because I had to be done by 9:45 since we were leaving to go to Columbus. I was really bummed I wasn't able to do this with any of the comp people and I know I definitely didn't push as hard as I should have. 

I was really disappointed with the snatches. This was harder than I thought it would be. I think I went about this the wrong way, I definitely warmed up for it incorrectly. I heard Stephen tell Conner to build to to a moderate touch and go triple and I was like "I didn't even think of that!" Eff. I basically just snatched 65 pounds a few time and then snatched 85 pounds and then started. It went well for the first seven minutes and then went downhill pretty quickly. My grip was totally shot and it got really difficult to hang onto it. I'm not sure if I started out too fast and fatigued myself too quickly? I was trying to rest at the top but it got difficult to hold on. I needed to do this with someone to push myself a bit more. It was hard not to mentally "give up". 

The toes to bar were okay, I was hoping to do this closer to 7:00. I started out with a set of 15 and then did sets of 10 after that. All double unders were unbroken. This wasn't a grip issue, it was a core issue. My stomach was getting SO sore during the last few sets of toes to bar. I'm not sure if it would have been smarter to jump to to the bar and do a set of 5 instead of resting until I was sure I could get 10? No idea. 

The 20:00 piece felt more like 80%. I tried to stay steady the whole time, I think I should have gotten more than 4 rounds but I also didn't want to start out too hot because 20:00 is a real long time. Row was pretty easy, wall balls were broken up 12/8 and burpees were pretty steady. Overall I felt this event went the best for me today (that's weird). 

I feel out of shape.



Merry Christmas!

Very chill day. Opened presents, ate peach french toast, saw Star Wars, ate pizza, went to sleep. Fun day with my family. 

Christmas morning!




For 10:00
evens: :25 2-arm passive hang from fat bar
odds: :25 planche hold w/feet in rings
5 rounds easy:
200m jog
20m bear crawl
20m stone carry, small stone
20m prowler push, tough indoors
3 sets not for time:
2:00 anterior loaded banded march (bear hug a med ball @your chest)
10/leg unweighted 1-leg reverse hypers, controlled throughout

complete w/160# on prowler
complete w/14# wall ball

This was the first time doing a planche hold, it was definitely challenging but I liked it!

It was sad how hard I was breathing during the 5 rounds. I don't know why I can't breathe all of a sudden (well, worse than normal). The sugar cookies and puppy chow the day before probably didn't help. THE HOLIDAYS AMIRIGHT. But even before today I feel like my breathing has been really bad the past few weeks. 

I'm definitely going to start doing the banded march in my warm up, this really opened up my hips. I also enjoyed the 1-leg reverse hyper. 


6-8 sets easy:
:60 row
:60 front leaning rest on ground
:60 airdyne
:30/side plank
2x [:10 double unders + :20 single unders]

A. Power snatch, 1-1-1; :90 rest
B. Snatch pulls, 1-1-1 starting @best load in A and building; :90 rest
C. Snatch-grip deadlift, 1-1-1 starting @best load in B and building to heavy single; :90 rest
6 sets for even times:
500m row
10 handstand push ups
2:30 rest

subbed in Tuesday's Z1 session due to time limitation 

A. 120-130-140
B. 150-170-190
C. 190-210-230
2:27 (2:04.8)
2:27 (2:02.1)
2:29 (2:01.4)
2:32 (2:03.3)
2:34 (2:03.6)
2:37 (2:03.5)

I was short on time (and equipment, the class at CF Leb needed the rowers and we only have three) so I just did the Tuesday AM session. 

Power snatches were okay, I wasn't nearly as warmed up for these as I should have been. I really need to get my shit together with my warm up. I worked up to 140 easily, I hit 150 but caught it in a semi-squat. I wasn't sure at first but after showing the video to Pam, Austin, and Stephen, the majority of the opinion was that it wasn't a power snatch. Bummer. At least it was easy. 

The row/handstand push up piece was okay. My rowing has really gone downhill. I feel like I should have been pulling closer to a 2:00 for this, instead I was averaging a 2:03 and it was hard to even keep that pace. Rowing is so difficult for me now and it used to be so easy. Would it be possible to go back to doing more rowing in my AM sessions? I'm not sure why it has gotten so hard to hold even a 2:03. Handstand push ups were super easy and unbroken every set, it's amazing to think about how easy these were today compared to when I did 15.4 last month. My time fell off on the last few sets due to too much rest between rowing and HSPU. 

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