Monday, April 11, 2016


Long, unplugged hike

subbed 30:00 assault bike @Z1 

I had a lot to do today so I went to the gym and did the assault bike/mobility instead of hiking. Fun day in the gym, it's always good energy when Teej and Alex are lifting. 


A. Split jerk, build to a max
For time:
30 shoulder to overhead, 50% of A
AMRAP in 25:00
5000m row
max burpees in remaining time

A. 200
:51 @100# unbroken 
row- 22:47
34 burpees 

Another good day!

I was pretty happy with the 200# split jerk, I definitely didn't think I would go that heavy today. I failed the first attempt because it was slightly out in front so I rested for about thirty seconds and tried again. 

I'm glad Mike told me to go unbroken on the 30 STO because that was not my plan going in. I thought I would have to put it down at least once. The first 20 reps felt really easy and then the pain started setting in. I really had to focus on the last few reps to make sure I was completely locking out, my shoulders were so fried by that point. That got really tough but I'm glad Mike and Stephen pushed me to do it unbroken. 

I'm REALLY happy with the row/burpee test. I know this is really not an impressive number of burpees, but that last time I did this four years ago I only completed five burpees with a LONGER time cap. The row felt great, I'm very pleased with this. I was completely focused and my breathing was steady throughout. I probably should have pushed it a bit harder at the end but I wanted to have something in the tank for the burpees. The first 20 burpees were pretty steady but then they started slowing down. My legs were really fatigued and my neck actually started hurting. This was really weird and has never happened to me on burpees before. Every time I would stand back up I had the feeling like I couldn't hold up my neck because it was so sore. It was extremely weird. I know there are a few spots I could have pushed a bit harder but overall I'm pretty happy with this. I've come a long way since I last did this workout back in 2012 when I thought it was impossible to complete a 5000m row in under 27:00. 

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