Wednesday, August 5, 2015


5000m row @Z1, off every 1000m for 5 thrusters @65 + 5 pull ups

A. Squat snatch cluster, 3x1.1.1 heavy- goal is 145, :20 between singles; 2:30 rest
B. Back squat barefoot, 3x5-6, 31x1; 2:30 rest
For 15:00
1st: 50 double unders
2nd: 5 L leg pistols w/pause @bottom, assist @bottom & return to standing if needed
3rd: 5 R leg pistols w/pause @bottom, assist @bottom & return to standing if needed
3 rounds not for time:
8 light trap 3, 40x0, scaps back and down, initiate the movement w/the low traps as opposed to the shoulders
10 moderate/heavy reverse hypers

complete, off every 1000 for mobility- still sore from comp and hands are torn up

A. 135-145-150 (made the first two, failed the third rep)
B. 125-135-145
8# for trap 3
55#/side for RH

Still extremely sore today, especially in the lower back and quads. I subbed in mobility instead of the thrusters/pull ups this morning. My lower back was pretty blown up and my hands were torn up so I figured pull ups wouldn't be smart, especially since I have to do Fran this weekend. 

I wasn't sure how snatching was going to feel today considering how sore I was. I tried to do a lot of mobility during the day but my back was still sore when I was warming up for my snatches. I honestly didn't think I would even get up to 145 today but snatches were feeling surprisingly good. It took me a bit longer than usual to work up to 145 so I started my first cluster at 135. I went to 145 and hit all three reps, no misses. It was a world of difference from last week. I went up to 150 and made the first two reps, then failed the last rep twice. I called it there, I could tell my back was starting to get tired because my pull was terrible. I was really happy with this today, I didn't have any misses until the third rep at 150. 

Back squat was probably the worst thing of the day, quads were very sore during this. I kept it a little lighter than usual. 

I thought the EMOM went really well, had to take out the muscle ups because of my hands but my pistols felt great today! I'm officially able to do pistols in nanos without knee sleeves. This is such a great feeling, now I don't have to worry about pulling up my knee sleeves during a workout. I was still going on my toes slightly but it wasn't very difficult to pause in the bottom. Sometimes I caught myself bouncing out of the bottom, I know I'm not supposed to do that when there's a pause. Overall these are getting so much better. 

Kept the reverse hypers on the moderate side because my back was pretty sore by this point in the day. 


long, unplugged hike


I didn't do this today. Sorry Stevo. 

I was way more drained from the competition than I thought and I was really sore. I slept until 9:30 (that's late for me), ate breakfast, and met up with some of my friends from BG. We went to the Reds game, it was really fun. The Reds played the Pirates and I saw a legit fight break out between the teams during the middle of the game! It went on for about five minutes straight. Just both teams beating the shit out of each other. I felt like I was at a hockey game. 

It was a really fun day with my BG friends. All of us live in Cincinnati but hardly ever see each other. I'm hoping we can get together more often. 

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