Tuesday, July 19, 2016


Long, unplugged hike 

90 min complete @Cincinnati Nature Center w/Heather

Finally back to hiking! Yay! 


10:00 triple under and freestanding handstand practice- alternate between the 2- nothing fatiguing
For time:
10 muscle ups
2:00 rest
7 muscle ups
2:00 rest
4 muscle ups
Partner work TBD
Bis, tris, and abs of choice

Got my first triple under! Then did a bunch more!
multiple sets of 2 &3 freestanding HSPU, then hit 4 in a row (PR+1)
3 rounds for time @90%
400m run
20 pull ups
60m walking lunges
20 toes to bar

I decided to train at Continuity today just to switch it up. It's been sort of hard to get in the right mood to train when I'm all by myself at CSC on Saturdays. Everyone always leaves right when I get there and I just end up training alone. I'll probably switch back and forth on Saturdays depending on the class size at CFC, it's pretty small so if there are more than like four people signed up for class I'll be training at CSC so I don't get in the way. I just need people around, training alone blows. 

I got my first triple under! Huzzah! These are harder than I thought, I really had to whip the rope pretty hard to get it underneath three times. I also did a bunch of sets of freestanding handstand push ups, these went really well today. I got four in a row which is a PR. 

Muscle ups were awesome today! This was cool. I broke up the set of ten 6/3/1, set of seven 5/2, and the set of four was unbroken. 

I felt like I was moving pretty slow on the "partner" workout, especially the running. Bleh. Running is the worst. Pull ups were also kind of all over the place, the first round was 10/10 but then I had to break them into smaller sets after that. I tried to catch my breath on the lunges. Toes to bar got tough by the end, I was down to sets of twos and threes. I think it's good for me to do longer workouts like this, to take the class workout and make my own version. I would rather be doing this with a partner because it's more fun but the Saturday class workouts basically hit all my weaknesses so it has been really good for me to longer versions with no rest. 


30:00 bike @Z1, off every 5:00 for 5-6 moderate barbell upright rows, 31x1

A. Squat snatch, 12x2 touch and go @95, begin a set every :60
B. Back squat, 5-5-5 building so only last set is challenging, 20x1; 2:30 rest
C. Strict muscle ups, 5:00 practice- limit to just a few reps
10:00 @high effort:
3 power clean to overhead- you pick the weight
9 bar-facing burpees
200m run
For time steady:
50 glute-ham sit ups
400m sandbag carry, switch sides as needed but goal is no drops

complete w/95#

A. complete
B. 185-205-225
C. DNS (wanted to sync up with Alex and Joe for the workout, then forgot to come back to this)
4 rounds w/145#
10:00 kettlebell L-sit practice w/Addison

Fun day! Fridays are the best. 

Snatches were easy but some sets were sloppy, I didn't feel as crisp as last week. 

Back squats went really well today!

I skipped the strict muscle up practice because Joe and Alex were getting ready to do the workout and I wanted to jump in with them. I was going to come back to this later but forgot. Oops! 

I enjoyed this workout, I always like when there's a heavy barbell involved. I thought I moved pretty well on this but started resting too much between the run and clean and jerks. I was keeping up with Alex until the third round, then he got ahead of me. He would come in from the run and go right to the barbell, meanwhile I would chalk up and stand there for a second. I definitely need to get better about trying to push the rest a little bit when I'm lifting during a workout. 145 is not heavy enough for me to fail and I should have pushed it more. It was really fun working out with Joe and Alex! I wouldn't mind being synced up with these guys every now and then. 

GHD sit ups were the same as always...slow. I completed them in 2:30, same as last week. I honestly have no idea how I did this in under two minutes during regionals practice. I had a relatively slow pace on the sandbag carry. I accidentally dropped it once, I was trying to switch shoulders and all the sand dumped to one end and I dropped it. I enjoyed the sandbag carry, it was different. I'll take that over a farmers walk any day. 

Did some extra stuff with Addison at the end, she was showing me how to roll into an L-sit on the kettlebells. It was actually pretty hard. 


4 sets very easy:
:60 row
:60 front leaning rest on ground
:60 assault bike
:30/side plank
:60 ski erg or light band pulldowns
:60 single unders
10:00 mobility of choice


Left knee was still bothering me when I woke up so I decided to just skip the aerobic stuff for today and do a shit ton of mobility. 

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