Thursday, April 7, 2016



25:00 ROMWOD 

I'm really enjoying ROMWOD. Two thumbs up. 


A. Power clean, build to a max for the day
AMRAP in 4:00
Power cleans, 90% of A
4 sets:
:30 row @100% each set- record meters
:30 rest- stay strapped in rower

30:00 airdyne @Z1
15:00 mobility 

A. 205
10 @185


Power cleans felt terrible today, every rep was heavy. Sets were 125-145-165-175-185. I failed the first attempt at 195 because my foot slipped on the platform. I also failed the first attempt at 205 because I caught it too far forward. This prompted a slight temper tantrum about how I feel so weak right now. I hit 205 on the second attempt and it wasn't terrible. I was just sad about how heavy these were. 

The 4:00 AMRAP was awful, oh my gosh. 185 was really tough. I feel like I should be able to get a lot more than ten reps in four minutes. I had to really focus on set up on each one so I didn't fail. This was depressing. 

I gave it my all on the row sprints. This hurt. I thought I had possibly improved since last time but I just looked at my blog and the last time I did this (June 17, 2015) my meters were 159, 149, 143, 140. So I basically did a bit worse this time. Oh well. I really did give it 100%. I was pain for awhile after this was over. 


A. Weighted pull up, build to a max- score as body weight + weight added
B. Shoulder press, build to a max
C. Strict pull ups, 1x max unbroken
D. Strict handstand push ups, 1x max unbroken
10 sets for time w/a 5:00 cap
5 unbroken CTB pull ups
10 sets for time w/a 5:00 cap
5 unbroken kipping handstand push ups 

A. 222 (147 BW + 75) (PR+8)
B. 95 (100 Fx1)
C. 14
D. 14

Today was cool!

I was happy with the weighted pull up PR, I'm a little heavier than I would like to be right now but I still feel good. 

Strict press was exactly what I thought it would be. I have never been good at this. 

Strict pull ups went pretty well, Stephen said 14 isn't bad for a chick. The first 10 were pretty fast and then they slowed down a lot after that. 

14 is definitely a PR for strict handstand push ups. Sweet! I thought it was interesting I got the same number on the strict pull ups and strict handstand push ups. 

I think the CTB pull ups went well, I have no idea if this is a decent time. I did the first 25 in a little over a minute and then slowed down after that. I started breathing pretty hard and I wanted to make sure I could hit all five in a row so I started taking longer breaks between sets. I would like to get this under three minutes. 

Same goes for the handstand push ups, I would like to get this under three minutes. This is definitely a PR for 50 HSPU for time, the last time I did this it was around 6:00 so that's a pretty big improvement. 

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