Thursday, June 9, 2016


10 sets:
500m row @2:08.0-2:08.9 for all sets
2:00 walk rest (5:00 between sets 4&5)

3 rounds not for time:
:60 handstand hold work- goal is to keep hands within 1 rubber mat
50 double unders- goal is always unbroken
A. Split jerk, 10:00 light tech/speed work, nothing over 135
B. Clean-grip deadlift, 12x3@1RM clean, 11x1, begin a set every :60
C. Close-grip bench press, 2-2-1-1, 20x1; 2:00 rest
3 sets for even times:
15 KB swings, 53
15 burpees w/2-hand touch to target 3-6" above standing reach
15 row calories
60 double unders
3:00 walk rest
Crossover Symmetry recovery


DNS- totally forgot this part
A. complete
B. complete @225#
C. 125-130-135-140
DNS- did not have enough time 

Rows were tough today, legs were smoked. 

I totally forgot the not for time stuff at the beginning of my PM session. Once I realized I accidentally skipped over it I was going to add it in at the end but then I didn't have enough time before I had to go coach. Oops. I usually don't forget things like that. 

Split jerks were super easy and crisp, 135 was light. I did these in knee sleeves and nanos. 

Clean-grip deadlifts were much better than last week since I wasn't exhausted from Murph. I am itching to try a new clean PR soon. 

Bench press was okay, although I am a bit disappointed I didn't end any heavier. I was hoping to end closer to 145/150 for the last rep but 140 was pretty slow on the way up. 

3 sets were fine, I thought I kept a pretty steady pace on this. I no-repped myself on a few burpees because my hands missed the target. I tripped up on my double unders during the first set but sets two and three were unbroken. My breathing/transitions were good but my legs were tired. 


A. 1 &1/4 front squat, 3-3-3-3; 2:30 rest
B. Weighted false-grip strict pull ups, 3x3-4, 21x1- no pause @top this week; 2:00 rest
C. Toes to bar, 7x5 unbroken, begin a set every :30
For time:
400m run
21 squat cleans, 85
15 squat cleans, 105
9 squat cleans, 125
Crossover Symmetry recovery

A. 165-175-185-195
B. BW-5-10(3)
C. complete
subbed .5 miles on assault bike instead of run

Front squats were good until the last set, 195 was tough today. 

Toes to bar are definitely getting better, these weren't bad at all. 

The workout was rough. I am still having some weird knee stuff and it mostly just gets aggravated when I run so I subbed assault bike instead. I went out a little too hot at first and Stephen had to tell me to slow it down (classic). The squat cleans felt terrible. My plan was to go 7/7/7 for 85, 5/5/5 for 105 and then singles for 125. I was able to do one set of seven at 85 and then had to switch to five, four, three, etc. I think I did a few sets of three at 105 and then singles after that. I did all singles for 125 and the last few reps felt like garbage (and I'm sure they looked like garbage too). I could tell my back was rounding. My lower back just blows up on workouts like this where I have to do a lot of light reps and I don't take a lot of time to properly set up. My time was way too slow on this and I was disappointed with how heavy the cleans felt. I should be better at things like this, I was having 16.2 flashbacks. This is the kind of stuff I need to be doing though, so keep it coming. 


Long, unplugged hike


Didn't have time for a hike today due to a CFC coaches meeting all morning. Will try again next week...

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