Thursday, September 17, 2015



Woke up with a raging cold today. Sore throat, runny nose, etc. Hoping it doesn't linger, I don't have time for that BS. 

Waiting to hear back from Balza about an appointment. 


6-8 sets easy:
:60 row
:60 handstand walk
:60 airdyne
:30/side plank
2x[:10 double unders + :20 single unders]

A. 1 squat snatch + 3 overhead squats, build to a tough set
B. Hang squat snatch, 5x6 @65, begin a set every :60
C. Pendlay row, 4-4-4-4, 20x0; 2:00 rest
3 rounds easy pace:
15m handstand walk
50m farmers walk, 70/hand
3 rounds for time:
250m ski erg
10 burpees

6 sets complete

A. 125 (errrr...see below)
B. complete
C. 125-135-145-150
6:14? (clock was reset)

AM session was more tiring than I thought it would be. I enjoyed doing the handstand walk in the morning. The double unders to single unders were tricky, I wasn't able to go straight from doubles to singles without tripping. 

Errrrr so the snatch + overhead squats, this didn't go well at all. I thought I took a decent amount of time to warm up my snatch, but my overhead squats were terrible. I started at 125 and the three overhead squats were really hard. I was like oh fuck, this isn't good. I snatched 135 and then failed the first OHS, I completely rocked forward on my toes and it just dumped forward. So then I was like, "eh, the snatch was super easy so I'll just jump to 145 and do it at that weight". Nope. I snatched 145 and the same thing happened, I wasn't able to stabilize myself AT ALL to do the overhead squats. I couldn't stabilize my shoulders, it felt like I couldn't physically hold up the weight for that long. I snatched 145 a second time and the same thing happened, I failed the first overhead squat. This should not be happening, I should be able to snatch 145 and then do three overhead squats at that weight. I can't even describe how it felt, it was just shoulder exhaustion? I don't even know. The snatches were extremely easy but I couldn't keep myself upright or stable long enough to continue the overhead squats. This definitely worries me. I just requested to make an appointment with Balza because I think I need to get my shoulders looked at, especially the left one. Everything feels very tight and weak, and I have a sneaking suspicion I'm having the same issue as Brandie. I'm wondering if this is what was preventing me fully extending my kip during my muscle ups on Monday. 

Hang snatches at 65 were extremely easy, my form was actually getting sloppy and loose because the weight was so light. This was grip fatigue more than anything else. 

Pendlay rows felt real heavy today. 

Was I supposed to time the handstand walk piece? I didn't, so errrrr oops. All handstand walks were unbroken and easy, finally. Farmers walk was also easy. 

I thought the ski erg/burpee workout went well. I think my time might actually be a few seconds faster because the clock was reset while I was doing this, I had started at 76:00 and I think Austin restarted it before 80:00. When I finished I looked up and it said 2:14, so I just sort of assumed he had restarted the clock somewhere around 80:00 which would make my time around 6:14, give or take a few seconds. I thought I stayed moving pretty well, my burpees were really steady and I tried going as fast as I could on the ski erg. 

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