Wednesday, April 6, 2016


A. Snatch, build to a max for the day in no more than 10:00 after warming up
B. Front squat, build to a max for the day
C. Front squat, 1x max reps @85% of A, 20x1
D. Wall balls, 1x max unbroken @14 to 9
E. Double unders, 5 attempts to establish a max unbroken set

A. 155 (170 Fx5)
B. 225 (235 Fx1)
C. 5 @190
D. 54 (PR +1)
E. 154 (PR+12)

Testing time! Except it's not really the happy kind of testing, it's the kind of testing that makes you sad about how weak you got during the Open. It's still fun though. 

I was so close to snatching 170 today. I worked up to 155 pretty quickly (105-125-145-155) and I jumped to 170. Looking back, it was probably too aggressive of a jump but at the time I thought I was making a good decision. I had Alex in my head telling me to just make bigger jumps and don't waste all my attempts on weights I already know I can hit. I was VERY close every time, I kept failing forward. A few got overhead but I wasn't aggressive enough in the lockout at the bottom. I was happy and also very frustrated with these misses. The pull never felt heavy, which is good. I know if I get under it correctly I can stand it up. The problem is getting it overhead in the right position. I kept landing with my arms forward instead of throwing the bar behind me. Stephen said I should be happy about these misses because it means I'm very close but I just want to snatch it already!

Front squats felt terrible. This was depressing. Even un-racking the bar was difficult. I hit a slow 225 and went for 235 but failed. The squats at 85% were better than I thought they would be but got pretty tough at the end. 

Wall balls were not great, I thought I would do better on these. The last time I did this I got 53 reps and today I only got one more. Lame. My arms were extremely fatigued and basically gave out at the end. Also, Stephen said I'm not allowed to throw my wall balls like a free throw anymore. 

I was happy with the double under PR, I got 154 on the first attempt. I rested a few minutes and went for a second attempt but tripped at 94 and then tripped at 83 so I called it after three tries. 

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