Tuesday, December 15, 2015


30:00 airdyne @Z1, off every 5:00 for :20-:30 tripod headstand hold

A. Bear crawl, 5x10' forward + 10' backward, very slow & deliberate w/10 pound bumper plate on dips, :60 rest
B. Hang power cleans, build to a tough single in 10:00
C. Split jerk, 6x1 starting @115 and adding 10 to end @165, begin a rep every :90
10:00 @80%
50 double unders
10 burpees
3 rounds not for time:
4-6 moderate bent-over DB reverse flies
6-9 moderate/tough reverse hypers


A. complete
B. 195
C. complete
10# for DB RF
115#/side for RH

Bear crawl was sort of weird today, I totally forgot about this part until I was warming up for my cleans so I did the crawls with my lifting shoes on. It was weird. 

Hang power cleans were a hot mess express today. I'm so awkward when it's just one rep, I was holding the bar too long at the top and I just feel like I don't really know what I'm doing when I just have one rep, I wish I knew how to do something other than just bouncing it right off my thighs. Meh. Everything was easy up to 195, I failed the first rep forward and it made me pretty aggravated. The second attempt flew up but I landed SO wide. It was ridiculous. I called it there because I didn't want to land even wider on the next rep and also my 10:00 was up. I've still been having that weird feeling in my right knee and it feels...unstable? And I don't know if I'm trying to subconsciously protect it? But I think that's why I caught 195 so wide instead of lower. I'm going to make an appointment with Balza, it doesn't hurt but it just feels "off" and sort of unstable. It's probably me just being paranoid but I'm going to have Balza take a look at it and also make an appointment with Pete. 

Split jerks were great today, each rep felt the same. These were all nice and crisp. 

It was hard to keep the double under/burpee piece at 80%. I did the double unders unbroken on every set except for two trip ups and it was hard to keep my breathing at 80% at that point. I tried keeping the burpees as steady as possible. When this was over I felt like I had definitely gone harder than 80%. 

Another fun evening of coaching classes, I saw two back squat PRs happen. Huzzah!


Long, unplugged hike

30:00 walk

Went to Sleepy Bee early this morning with the buds for Brandie's birthday so I wasn't able to get in a hike, took a long walk with my dog later in the afternoon. 


5:00-8:00 pistol & handstand walk practice
A. Squat clean, build quickly to a single @80-90% 1RM
B. Front squat, 6-4-2, 40x1; 2:30 rest
5 sets:
5 unbroken pull ups
:30 rest
5 unbroken toes to bar
:30 rest
10 unbroken wall balls, 20 to 9
:30 rest
Not for time:
400m sled drag, moderate
200m Farmers walk

A. 200
B. 175-185-195
90# on sled
70#/hand for FW

Pretty solid day. I got to the gym a LOT later than usual so I skipped the pistol/handstand practice, I wanted to get warmed up for the cleans. Although I did do some handstands against and the wall and some assisted pistols as part of my warm up, so I guess that sort of counts? Meh probably not. 

Squat cleans were okay, I worked up to 200 relatively quickly but my form wasn't great. I was fast out of the bottom but I could tell my back was rounding a bit on the way up. 

Front squats were tough but much better than last time. 

I really enjoyed the 5 sets. Pull ups and toes to bar were very easy. I wouldn't mind doing higher reps of these, especially the pull ups. Wall balls were fine. Overall this was pretty easy and enjoyable. 

Sled drag was harder than it should have been, my legs were really tired for the first 200m. I actually thought the farmers walk was going to take a lot longer, I was dreading this part for some reason. I basically took a quick break every 50m and it ended up not being that bad. 

Tonight I went and saw Awaited at Crossroads with Brandie, Austin, Joel, Quinn, and Heather. It was SO AWESOME. First of all, they were giving out free cookies and coffee before the show so I was all about that. The show itself was amazing, the production value was so good and the band was excellent. They had contemporary dances, ballet, and at one point the three wise men were swinging around the stage holding on to giant curtains. It was insane. Definitely a cool show, I highly recommend it. Also did I mention the free cookies. 

We put on real clothes and did stuff!

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