Thursday, May 26, 2016

5/21/2016- Trifecta Competition


This was a great day. 

I went into this competition super relaxed, mostly because I wasn't sure how I would perform after four days of not eating clean and not exercising. I figured I would just do my best and see what happened. AND WE FUCKING KILLED IT. 

This was the type of competition where we executed every event exactly the way we wanted. I really don't think we could have done any better on any of the first three events. I'll write a quick summary of each one.

Event 1- Bear Complex
We all hit our planned weight on this so that was good. I'm actually glad we were in the first heat, a lot of people in the other heats were failing their complex and I think seeing that would have freaked me out a little. Emily got 120, Addi got 140 and I got 145. We actually finished with about five minutes to spare so I rested a little bit and then tried for 150. I got through two full rounds but the behind then neck jerk on the second round was veryyyyyyyy shaky and unstable so I just dropped it, I didn't think I would be able to get another set at this weight, especially going overhead. Emily really delivered on this one, most of the people failing were doing the set of seven. Addison and I each lifted the most for our complex category and we won the event. SWEET!

Event 2- Assault bike/KB snatches
This one hurt a lot, we basically sprinted the entire thing. We did 10/10 on the assault bike and 16/14 on the KB snatches. This one was about speed. At one point I looked over at the other teams in our heat and we were going much faster than all of them. I was in a lot of pain when this one was over, my glutes and legs were on fire. We took another event win on this one! At this point we decided we wanted to win everything.

BRB dying

Event 3- Row/Thrusters/Pull ups
This workout was by far my favorite event of the day, I thought it was so fun. Emily was the first on the rower and I thought she would be way ahead of everyone but a lot of people actually got off at the same time as she did. That was probably a mistake on their part because most of them stood there staring at the barbell while Emily started chipping away immediately. I was able to hold my row pace around 1:52 the entire time and when I got to Emily she had already done 40 thrusters. I did two sets of ten and then smaller sets after that. By the time Addison finished rowing we were at 90 I think? We all did sets of ten pull ups the entire time until the very end. We finished in 8:53, a full 40 seconds faster than our practice time. I was so hyped after this event because I had a feeling no one would be able to come close to our time, and I was correct. Another event win! 

Final- Isabel/Karen/Amanda
This was the only event of the day I didn't really enjoy. After they announced the final event we had about five minutes to get our gear on and warm up, so everything felt terrible. Isabel didn't go well at all, Stephen told me to start out with sets of six but it went downhill pretty fast. Sorry Stevo. Instead of going to quick singles I tried sticking with bigger sets but I was resting way too long between sets (classic). The snatches felt heavy and awful and I put us behind right out of the gate. I was pretty disappointed with this. Luckily Emily and Addison crushed Karen to put us in contention with the other team. Amanda was also pretty terrible, my muscle ups felt so bad. I can't remember the last time I actually FAILED a muscle up. My shoulders had nothing left. The squat snatches were actually not too bad, Addison was clutch in this workout with her touch and go sets. In the end we finished ahead of the other team to seal the deal and take first place!

I can honestly say this was the most fun I've had a competition and probably the best I felt physically throughout the whole thing. I think taking four days off was actually a really good idea because I had no aches or pains and felt totally refreshed. I was relaxed the entire time, probably because my teammates were both super chill about the whole thing. It's not like we weren't taking it seriously but we just knew we were going to do well and we were very confident going in to every event. It's like my boy Garrett Fisher would say- "Check it out. We went in, and we just killed it."

But in all seriousness, this was a great day! I had a blast competing with Em and Addi, I think we all complimented each other very well and worked well together as a team. Also, they're both hilarious and awesome people. It's a pretty great feeling to win every event and take first place overall. It definitely boosted my confidence and lit a fire. I want to replicate that at every competition. I want to dominate and win. Winning is fun, especially when it's with your friends! Looking forward to the next competition. Onward!

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