Tuesday, November 17, 2015


30:00 airdyne @Z1, off every 5:00 for :20-:30 tripod headstand hold

A. Bear crawl, 5x10' forward + 5x10' backward, very slow and deliberate w/flat back; :90 rest
B. Hang power clean, build quickly to a 2RM
C. Split jerk clusters, 3x1. light/moderate, :10 between singles, 2:30 rest
AMRAP in 9:00
60 row calories
30 burpees
max ski erg calories in remaining time
3 rounds not for time:
10 bent over DB reverse flies, light
15 light reverse hypers


A. complete
B. 200 (PR+5)
C. 95-115-125
29 calories
8# DB for reverse flies
45#/side for RH

I enjoyed the tripod hold, this was cool. 

Super happy to finally hit 200 for a 2RM hang power clean! These felt like shit as I was warming up, I don't know why. I was catching all of them really low with wide feet. I never do that. I don't get it. I did not think I would be able to hit 200 today but I decided to go for it anyways. The first rep was tough but the second rep was easy (video). I talked to Stephen about this later on and he said I'm holding the bar at the top too long. I need to just pick it up and go instead of hanging out at the top for three seconds before I clean it. I definitely agree. Very happy with this!

Split jerks were decent, I can tell I'm still trying to protect my left shoulder "just in case" because I could feel myself sort of tilting more to the right. It didn't hurt, I can just tell I'm still trying to be cautious about it. 

The row/burpee piece SUCKED. It sucked real bad. I finished the row in 3:48 and then went way too slow on the burpees. I noticed my burpees are much more consistent and steady when I'm jumping over something, I'm able to keep a much better pace than when I'm just doing regular burpees. I can't remember when exactly I got to the ski erg and I have no idea if 29 cals is a decent score? I was going as hard as I could, the ski erg portion is a blur to me. I felt pretty terrible when this was over. 


Long, unplugged hike

DNS, slept in and then had to go teach a trumpet lesson. Then it was time for FRIENDSGIVING 2015. 

I love my friends. 


A. Front squat, build to a max for the day
For reps:
:30 squat cleans, 85
2:00 rest
:60 squat cleans, 125
2:00 rest
:90 squat cleans, 155
2:00 rest
2:00 squat cleans, 185
3 sets:
3-5 weighted glute-ham raises, 20x1
:60 rest
8 strict pull ups
:60 rest
Not for time:
800m sled drag, moderate

A. 245 (PR+10)
complete w/20# DB
complete w/90# on sled

HUZZAH! Today was awesome. 

I was definitely not expecting to hit 245 today, that was a pleasant surprise (video). I knew I wanted to at least get 240 because I've failed it the past three attempts and I was determined. I got a bit worried as I was warming up, the first few reps felt heavier than usual so I wasn't sure how everything was going to play out. Once I got to 200 I just made 10 pound jumps until I got to 240. It went up pretty easily so I went for 245 and got it! Sweet. But could I just point out how wide my feet are? Jesus. Have they always been like this when I squat? I need to fix that ASAP, I was pretty shocked when I saw that on the video. 

The squat clean workout was much harder than I had anticipated. I did all the reps at 85 touch and go, these probably could have been cycled a bit faster. 125 was quick singles. I started getting nervous during the reps at 155. The last few reps were felt really heavy and I knew I still had to clean 185. My lower back was getting tired and my legs were starting to get really fatigued. The first few reps at 185 were okay, definitely slower out of the bottom than usual. The last three reps all felt like a max. At one point I wasn't even sure if I was going to stand one of them up. This hurt so much. I couldn't get my knee sleeves and shoes off fast enough after this was over. 

Strict pull ups are getting much easier, still trying to focus on using my lats. 

Sled drag was rough this week, my legs were trashed by the time I had to do this. Luckily my buddy Heather joined me. Overall a solid day! 


3 rounds easy of:
3:00 airdyne
3:00 row
3:00 mobility work of choice
30m moderate/tough offset carry (1-arm DB/KB overhead carry + 1-arm DB/KB Farmers walk) switch @20m

A. Snatch, 10:00 tech/speed work, your choice of variation-load according to feel today, moderate/tough is ok if the shoulders say so...
B. Jerk balance, 5:00-8:00 light tech work
C. 1 clean pull + 3 clean-grip deadlifts (drop from top of clean pull and then reset for the deadlifts) 3x1 @235; 2:00 rest
15:00 @70% 
2 deadhang to inverted
200m run
4 wall walks
250m row

25:00 airdyne @Z1 

A. complete up to 125
B. complete up to 95
C. complete

Mehhh today was okay. Snatches are still feeling weirdly heavy overhead, there's no pain in my shoulder but the weight just isn't as easy overhead as it used to be. These were all over the place today so I didn't go past 125 because I wanted to make sure my form wasn't turning to shit. While I was resting I watched some of my earlier attempts and noticed my chest was completely down in the set up. I really tried to keep my chest nice and high on the last two reps and I think it definitely made a difference (video).  

Jerk balances were fine, no pain at all. 

Clean pulls went pretty well, 235 is getting a bit higher these days. The deadlifts were easy, no problem doing all three as quick touch and go reps. 

I really enjoyed the 15:00 piece at 70%, I was able to stay moving the entire time and the weather was really nice for running. 

I also worked on some muscle ups after my other training was completed. I did a few sets of three bar muscle ups, then did a few sets of two ring muscle ups. Huzzah! These were okay, not as strong as they were but I think they'll get better over the next few weeks. I also had Austin teach me how to catch muscle ups with straight arms at the top (video). These are definitely a bit awkward, especially stringing them together, but I'm going to continue to work on them because I think they will definitely save time and fatigue during workouts. 

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