Monday, October 26, 2015


4 rounds easy of:
3:00 airdyne
3:00 row
3:00 mobility work of choice

A. Clean pull, 1-1-1-1 @235; 2:00 rest
B. Snatch-grip deadlift, build to a heavy single
C. Sled drag, 6x20m very heavy grind indoors; :90 rest
3 sets:
400m run @same pace as last week
:60 rest


A. complete
B. 225
C. complete w/260# on sled

Clean pulls felt REALLY have today, they weren't getting very high and I was getting frustrated. I don't understand why I have no problem using my legs and hips for snatch pulls but with clean pulls I want to use all arms and back (video). I can't even imagine cleaning this. 

Snatch-grip deadlift was good, 225 was definitely tough. As soon as I picked it up I knew I wouldn't be able to go any heavier without sacrificing the tempo. 

Sled drag was rough, I think I overestimated myself on this. Last week I did 245 and it wasn't horrible so I used 260 this week and I think it was too big of a jump. I stopped at least once every set. It was easier dragging it backwards than forwards so I did that the last three sets. 

Runs were very hard. This is my own fault for pacing them too quickly four weeks ago. I wasn't sure if I was going to make it through the third one without vomiting afterwards, I was breathing really hard. The rest flew by between runs. Eeeeesh. I was happy I was able to keep the pace and I'm a little nervous for what might show up next week.

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