Monday, September 21, 2015


Long, unplugged hike

60 min complete @ Ault Park with The Fellowship. 


A. Squat clean, build quickly to a heavy single
For time:
7 front squats, 160
5 front squats, 170
3 front squats, 180
1 front squat, 185
AMRAP in 2:00
CTB pull ups
For time @95%
1500m run

A. 225 (PR+5)
7:48 (ran 1600)

I'm so happy about the squat clean PR! I was definitely not expecting this today, especially since I am still recovering from a cold. I worked up to 215 pretty easily so I just decided to skip 220 and go for the PR at 225. It definitely was not one of my best cleans, my back was slightly rounded on the way up and I caught it with my feet pretty wide. The weight didn't really feel heavy and I think if I caught it a bit better I could hit 230 relatively soon. Exciting. 

The Granite Games front squat ladder was a LOT harder than I thought it would be. The 7 front squats at 160 weren't bad but once I got to 170 things started getting spicy. The clean at 180 wasn't great and I had to take a few seconds before I cleaned 185. It was very slow on the way up. This was surprising. I'm glad I didn't fail any cleans but I wish my time had been a little faster. Stephen told me my time would have been 7th overall in the Granite Games. That's not bad, although I would like to be top 5 for an event like this. 

The CTB pull ups were not good, I don't know what happened. I opened with an easy set of 15 and then I couldn't do more than like 7 or 8. I was breathing really hard and I was resting a long time between sets. This definitely should have been a lot higher. 

I surprised myself on the run. I decided to just do 1600 meters because everyone else did. The first 800 meters felt really good but once I started the second half I started slowing down. I was able to push it on the last 400 meters and finish under 8:00. I was pretty surprised, I thought I would be around 8:30. Mark told me he thought I would end up around 9:00. THANKS MARK. Pretty happy with this but I would like to get this number down to 7:30. 

After training, I had the opportunity to help Stephen and Austin coach the City Skinny Fit Day ladies through a CrossFit workout. It was really cool, they did a workout made up of wall walks, goblet squats, and sled drags. A lot of them were able to get the hang of the wall walks really quickly, so that was neat to see. Definitely looking forward to coaching more at CSC next month!

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