Monday, July 11, 2016


Long, unplugged hike


I had a LOT of shit to get done before I met up with my buds in OTR so I didn't have time to hike. However, Heather said she is cleared to hike now so I'll be able to get back to it now that I have my hiking buddy back. Huzzah! 


A. Power clean & split jerk, build quickly to a tough single for the day
AMRAP in 5:00
Strict handstand push ups
Partner work TBD
Bis, tris, and abs of choice

3 rounds for time @90%
400m run
25 kettlebell swings, 35
100m sandbag carry
25 burpees

As I was warming up for the clean and jerk I noticed I had a weird pain in my right hand every time I bent my wrist back or put the bar overhead. It was more of an annoyance than a problem so I decided to lift anyways. I stopped after 185, it was getting really uncomfortable every time I would catch the bar overhead. I must have landed weird during a bar muscle up yesterday because the pain is in my hand and wrist. I bet I just caught it funny when I turned over for a bar muscle up. I decided to just call it for the day, I know I can do more than that but it was starting to really bother me. 

I thought my hand might bother me during the handstand push ups but I was able to sort of point my hand out at an angle and it didn't hurt. Strict HSPU felt slow today, I did a set of ten and then smaller sets after that with a lot of rest in between. Meh. Not the best. 

I was actually pretty proud of myself when I came up with the individual version of the partner workout. This was basically a summary of everything I need to be working on. Running, breathing through long workouts, and burpees. I tried to just stay very steady on everything. I considered putting rest between the three rounds but I figured I would get more out of it if I just worked the entire twenty minutes (SINCE LITERALLY EVERY WORKOUT IN THE OPEN WAS A BILLION MINUTES LONG. LOOKING AT YOU, CASTRO). The running actually felt pretty good, no knee pain! I tried to stay as steady as possible on the burpees but they definitely slowed down in the third round. I was actually on pace to finish in twenty minutes but during the third round my sandbag split open as I was picking it up. I wasted time trying to find another one (the one I picked end up being heavier) and when I hit the 50m mark outside my OTHER sandbag split open! Not the best luck. So I ended up tacking on a few minutes to my time due to technical difficulties. Overall, I was pleased with this. 


30:00 bike @Z1, off every 5:00 for 5-6 moderate barbell upright rows, 31x0

5:00-8:00 strict muscle up practice
A. Squat snatch, 7x3 @95 touch and go, begin a set every :45
B. Back squat, 2-2-2-2, 22x1; 2:30 rest
AMRAP in 9:00
6 thrusters, 85
3 bar muscle ups
For time steady:
50 GHD sit ups
200m farmers walk, 53/hand


accumulated 7 singles
A. complete
B. 210-220-230-240
7 rounds + 1 bar muscle up

Strict muscle ups weren't as easy as last week, turnover didn't feel as aggressive. I had one fail but managed to accumulate seven singles. I didn't go for any doubles today because they were just feeling slow. 

Snatches felt really good, I actually ended up taking off my belt after the first set because it was getting in the way. I might start messing around with not wearing a belt when I snatch just to see how it feels. 

Back squats were good, 240 was tough.

I definitely moved way too slow on the AMRAP, I should be able to get nine rounds on something like this. I was on pace to get one round per minute but I started resting too long before each set of bar muscle ups. Everything was unbroken, I was able to move from the muscle ups to the thrusters pretty quickly but for some reason I was resting between the thrusters and muscle ups. I just couldn't force myself to jump up there. At one point I was standing there staring up at the bar and Alex came over and asked how much time I had left. I told him I had a little over a minute and he said "Well Jesus, get moving sister." 

The GHD workout was rough. These are just the worst. I was moving pretty well until I hit thirty, then I started to slow wayyyyyy down. I think I finished the GHD sit ups in 2:30, this was definitely not regionals speed at all. It took me awhile to make my way over to the door for the farmers walk, I was really dizzy. I had to take a second before I picked up the kettlebells. I thought I would be able to just go 100/100m on this but I had to break it up a lot. This took forever. I hate GHD sit ups. 


4 sets easy:
:60 row
:60 front leaning rest on ground
:60 assault bike
:30/side plank
:60 ski erg or light band pull-downs
:60 single unders
10:00 mobility work of choice


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