Sunday, February 28, 2016


Long, unplugged hike or easy 30:00-60:00 bike

30:00 bike complete
10:00 mobility 


A. Power clean clusters, 3x1.; :10 between singles, 2:30 rest
Partner work TBD
10:00 mobility work of choice

A. 145-165-175
For time w/a partner:
120 row calories
30 wall walks
120 KB swings
240 double unders
800m run

18:03 w/Byrd 

I forgot about the terrible "day after" feeling during the Open, I came in this morning tired and sore. Power cleans were okay but I was very indifferent about lifting today. 

Byrd and I partnered up for the class workout. I was planning on doing this at a nice, chill, 85% effort but Byrd had other plans. He wanted to beat Duprie and Brandie's time of 19:23 so we pushed pretty hard on the workout. We split up the row calories 20 each. At one point I was rowing 1200 cal/hr and Mark's exact words were "why are you rowing so slow?" Classic. Wall walks were singles traded back and forth, those were actually the worst part. My arms and shoulders were extremely fatigued. KB swings were split up 10 each, these were basically a break before the double unders. I started out with a set of 64 double unders and then we both traded large sets. Mark ran first and then I finished. That 400m run was painful, I was hauling ass because I could hear Mark yelling at me to go faster so we could beat Brandie and Duprie. We ended up beating them by over a minute, but god, at what cost? My legs were BLOWN UP afterwards, to the point where I was almost concerned. My calves were cramping and I had to sit on a bike for about ten minutes to cool down. I probably went a bit too hard on this. I can't help it during partner workouts, that shit is the best! 


30:00 airdyne 
16.1 movement prep

AMRAP in 20:00
25ft overhead walking lunges (65)
8 bar-facing burpees
25ft overhead walking lunges
8 CTB pull ups


200 reps (7 rounds + lunges + burpees + lunges)

The Open has officially started. 

16.1 is basically my nightmare of a workout. Burpees, lunges, AND it's 20 minutes long. I went into with no clue how I was going to perform. The first half went pretty well, I was moving steadily. I broke up the CTB pull ups 4/4 every round. Once I got about four rounds in I really started to slow down. I started resting a lot before I picked up the bar to do lunges, my burpees were agonizingly slow, and the biggest problem was all the rest during the pull ups. I would do a set of four and then stand there staring up at the bar for ten seconds. This was terrible. I couldn't wait for it to be over. When I do this again Monday I'm just going to try and stay moving. I need to cut the rest WAY down during the pull ups and I need to pick up the bar right away. Honestly I don't know if I can do the burpees or lunges any faster. I want to get into the eighth round on Monday. 

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