Thursday, December 3, 2015


6-8 sets easy:
:60 row
:60 FLR on ground
:60 airdyne
:30/side plank
2x[:10 double unders + :20 single unders]

every :60 for 9 sets, think of adding each set:
1-3: 3 touch and go power snatches
4-6: 2 snatch pulls
7-9: 1 snatch-grip deadlift
15.4 @85%
3 sets:
500m row @high sustainable effort
2:00 walk rest

6 sets complete

1-3: 85-95-105
4-6: 175-185-195
7-9: 205-225-235
86 (5 reps less than open score)

Once again I came into the gym with no motivation to train. Feeling physically drained and my head is not in it right now. Not sure what the deal is. 

The snatch EMOM was definitely different, I should have gone heavier on the touch and go power snatches for sure. 105 was really easy. I found it difficult to keep good form on the snatch pulls, I felt like I had to rush through them so I could get weight on the bar before the next minute, they didn't feel like good quality reps. Snatch-grip deadlifts were very easy. 

I was disappointed in my performance on 15.4. In the back of my mind I was expecting this to happen considering I haven't done handstand push ups in about three months and my shoulders still aren't as strong as they were before I took six weeks off. Still though, I was not happy with this. My shoulders fatigued pretty quickly, I should have gone to sets of two earlier. I was breathing hard but it was definitely sustainable, the only thing holding me back was making sure I had enough rest before attempting another set of HSPUs. Power cleans were extremely easy. For some reason my lower back was lit up after this was over. I know five reps short of my open score isn't bad at all, in fact it's decent for not having done any handstand push ups in months. But still, it makes me sad when I'm supposed to be good at something and then it doesn't go well. 

Rows were tougher than anticipated, I was breathing really hard. I felt really out of shape on these, I used to be able to hold this pace for 8 sets over the summer and today I was wiped out after three. WHAT IS HAPPENING TO ME. 

I know this is my blog and I like to be honest about how I'm feeling during training. I've had zero motivation to train the past two days. Zero. None. I've come into the gym tired and drained and immediately wanted to go home. I don't understand it, because my programming the past two days has been so fun and awesome. Normally I would really enjoy the EMOMs on Tuesday, but for some reason it took me so much effort to work up the energy to complete them. My mind wasn't in my lifting on Wednesday. All I could think about how I dislike my training schedule right now, it's really hard training on Tuesday and Wednesday when there's no one in the gym. I need people around. I want to train with my friends instead of by myself on a Tuesday afternoon. I have no idea where this lack of motivation is coming from or why I'm so exhausted all of a sudden. Nothing has changed, I'm getting the same amount of sleep and there haven't been any insane life events taking place. I'm just tired. 

I'm feeling very lost with my diet and food plan right now. I was really lean over the summer and then my shoulder stuff started happening and I started putting on some weight and also got too relaxed with my diet. I was so diligent over the summer and it was the best I've ever felt. I still feel fine right now but I'm not crazy about how heavy I am at the moment. I'm also eating a lot more carbs than I was over the summer ever since I went to the Dynamic Nutrition seminar. I know I need to make some changes within my macros but I'm not sure what to change. Luckily my buddy Heather is going to help me out, I basically just need to know what specific foods to eat.

Recently I also have this extreme fear of getting injured (I know this blog post has taken a super dark, serious turn). I've watched people get really hurt over the past few months. Every time I do any heavy squatting or olympic lifting I'm basically just like "this is it, I'm going to blow out a knee or jack up my back." and it's getting in the way of my training. Any time I'm lifting now, I'm worrying about getting hurt. I'm not really sure how to shake it. 

Basically, I've got a lot going on in my brain recently. It makes me sad that I've had zero motivation to train because I love training. It's fun and I don't like walking into the gym with the attitude that I don't want to be there. My programming is awesome and the people are the best. My heart hasn't been in it this week and I'm hoping this next week will be better. I'm looking forward to the mobility clinic Saturday, I think that will ease a lot of my worry about the injuries. I just need to hit reset and try again. 


4 sets of:
6:00 bike easy
3:00 Balza/Drew rehab pieces of choices

A. Back squat w/chains, build quickly to a heavy double, then take your time to work to a heavy single
B. 1-arm DB row w/straps, 3x3-5/arm, 10x0; :45 between arms
For 12:00
evens- 2-3 unbroken muscle ups
odds- 6-8 alternating axle front rack reverse lunges, moderate
For 12:00
evens- 1 rope climb
odds- 16 fast alternating box step up/step downs, 20
800m walk cool-down


A. 210 
B. 50-55-60 (3R/5L)
2 muscle ups each set
110# for axle lunges
subbed mobility 

Today wasn't the best. Back squats were insanely heavy, I have no idea why. I was able to do 210 for a double last week and today I could barely do a single at that weight. I also felt my back tighten up during the single at 210 so I called it there, it got tight in the exact same spot as the front squats on Saturday. This is frustrating. I've had this happen a few times before, it always happens in the exact same spot. I was able to do the rest of my training but I had to just make sure I was careful. 

DB rows were fine.

The EMOMs were okay, I honestly had no motivation to do these today. Muscle ups were two each time, they were relatively easy and I was trying to catch them at full lockout but I didn't really have any energy to do a third. Rope climbs were fast, these are definitely getting better. 

I subbed 10:00 mobility for the cool-down walk so I could roll out my back. 

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